Friday, March 3, 2017

Tilda Time

A few years ago, thanks to blog land, I made a lovely friend that lives in Sweden, Maja. Getting to know each other, we discovered several similar interests (quilting, scrappy patchwork and colourful fabric - just for starters! ;o).  It also happens that we both adore the designs of Tone Finnanger - the talent behind the Tilda brand.  A decade ago, I stumbled across one of Tone's books, Sew Pretty Homestyle and I fell in love with all things Tilda!  It is one of my favourite sewing books because I feel inspired every time I thumb through it.  The projects are lovely and cleverly designed, but they are all the more appealing thanks to the fabric they are made from.  Tilda fabric!  Oh, my! Living in Canada, I could not source any Tilda fabrics on this continent and could only dream of one day having some to sew with. Little did I know 10 years ago, that I would see that dream come true, thanks to the generosity of a sweet friend living across the globe.
A portion of my Tilda fabric stash - all thanks to Maja!  Besides swapping for it, she likes to gift me some Tilda for special occasions (like my birthday!).  She's so sweet!
Earlier this year, we decided to do another fabric swap and these are the latest pretties she sent. There's fabric, buttons and Tilda notebooks.  She totally spoils me!
I have been treasuring every bit she sends me, squirrelling Tilda away in a container separate from all my other fabrics.  Dreaming of the "perfect" project to use these lovelies.  Until now, the only item I've made using my Tilda fabrics has been a pincushion!  Fabric is for using, not hoarding, silly me! Laughing and telling Maja about what I've been doing, I mentioned that 2017 is going to be my year of Tilda - meaning I am determined to sew with those fabrics.  I love them, but they need to become items to be used and enjoyed.  To that end, I've dipped my toe in and started or should I say, I finally took the rotary cutter to them and started sewing ;o).

Small steps towards my goal of sewing with my precious Tilda fabrics, found me making a mini swoon block.  I'm not sure if I'm going to make more of these blocks, I might just finish this single block to hang in my sewing room as a visual nudge to keep dipping into those Tilda fabrics.

 The year of Tilda has begun! ;o)

Wishing you a happy weekend!

PS.  If you also have a love for Tilda fabrics and you live in North America, not too worry! I'm happy to report that you can get your Tilda pretties from Andrea at Willow Cottage Quilt Co. and Julie at Intrepid Thread.  Both these shops are selling Tilda fabrics.  Woohoo!


  1. Oh my - as soon as I read the post title I did a little happy dance because my Tilda loving sewy friend just sent me a link to Willow Cottage - I practically had an email typed up to you before I finished reading your post, lol!

  2. I've long admired Tilda fabrics and wished I could find them here. Thanks for the links to the shops here on this side of the Atlantic. Looking forward to seeing all the pretties you make with Tilda!

  3. Your Swoon block is perfect! With nary a crooked piece to be seen.

    I can see why you fell in love withy Tilda. The patterns and colours are delicious!!

    Happy thrifting ;)

  4. Hello dear friend!
    Just had to stop and say Hello!
    I love the Tilda Swoon and you have put the fabrics/colours together so well.
    I think it´s so nice to have a friend across the seas who is crazy in love with Tilda as I am!

  5. I just happened upon your post and wanted to thank you for the mention of my shop! I started selling Tilda several years ago because it was so, so hard to find and I am a Tilda FANATIC! Nice to know I'm not alone ;) Your swoon block is amazing! xo Andrea


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