Blocks 5 & 6 in Quilt Along

Here's the first 6 blocks shown together. I mentioned in an earlier post that as each week's block is given by Amandajean, I then proceed to look through my odds'n ends of fabrics to make the block. That way, not only is the block a surprise but so is the fabric I end up choosing! Sounds crazy, but it seems to working out so far, I think. Let's hope I can keep it up for the next 6 blocks so that the resulting quilt top won't be a scary, ugly, mismatched disaster ;o)


  1. What a funny and exciting way of making a quilt.
    I must say that I admire your talent to sew the tiny bits and pieces together. It must take a lot of patience and time.

  2. It is looking beautiful!! I can't wait to see how these all come together!

  3. Wow, love all your pretty blocks. What a great project. It will be fun to see what the finished quilt top looks like.

    Happy holidays!


  4. Lovely quilt Katherine, all you girls are very talented. Thanks for your Christmas message, I hope you and your family have a great Christmas too and a very happy 2008. x

  5. your blocks look great!

    isn't it fun to put them together and see the progress?

  6. I love seeing the varieties in the quilt blocks -- your's look fantastic!


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