Blue Jag

Wondering what I've been doing this week? I've been learning a new-to-me piecing technique the last couple of days and here are the results: (please excuse the pins and clips on the binding - I have some hand stitching ahead of me tonight to finish this...)

A scrappy table runner for my antique buffet. The triangle pieces are actually called jags (as in jagged edge, I guess) and they're cut and sewn similar to joining bias together. You will notice that the angles on the jags vary throughout and this is intentional - those triangles are not supposed to be identical! It was a fun project to try as the only pre-cutting before assembly was simple strips and you cut the angles on the two fabrics you want to join ( in my table runner fabrics alternated between light and darker blue pieces across the desired width of my project) just before you stitch them together. Not exactly the fastest method for piecing but I like randomness of this look. The best part was the chance to gather all those thrifted fabrics and add in bits and pieces from other previous projects to make this scrappy look. Any of you that have been following my projects here and over at Four Friends and a Blog, will notice that lately I have gravitated towards scrappy fabric projects. Well, this project makes me very happy as it satisfies that creative leaning and I think I shall be trying this technique on some more projects in the near future.


  1. hurray for scrappy projects...the more scraps the better, I think! :)

    you did a very nice job on your table runner. I had never heard of that piecing technique before.

  2. Love the table runner! It reminds me of broken glass. Very unique.

    Kimberly :)

    BTW, I'm getting a post ready for my new applique project (yea!) and wanted to ask if its ok for me to post a link to your tutorial on the Four Friends blog?


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