Busy Hands - Family Day in the Kitchen

This is one set of hands that was busy fashioning decorations for our non-edible gingerbread house.
Here's a sample of the Sculpey "candy buttons and canes" that will soon be adorning our fabric gingerbread house.
While those hands did that, my hands were busy baking this...
and this...
as well as some homemade buckwheat flour pizza dough which became four large veggie pizzas.
I do seem to struggle with getting food shots that show everything in an appetizing way and also before my hungry teenagers devour everything. Which leaves you with the above food photos.

I had to snap a shot of the loaf of bread I baked (baking bread is the norm around here and the boys find something rather strange in me wanting to photograph it at all). I grew up baking bread and have baked countless batches of bread through the years, every now and then I discover a new way to challenge myself. This time I somehow forgot (?) to add the yeast to the ingredients when making up the dough (can I blame this oversight on my trying to do too many things in the kitchen at the same time? My oldest son says its because I'm getting old and losing my memory. haha... I said he could forget about having gingerbread and pizza. That changed his comments about my age.). I made the dough, shaped it, placed it in a loaf pan to rise and to my surprise 30minutes later it looked exactly the way it had when I placed it in the pan. Hmmmm. It occurred to me that I couldn't remember adding any yeast. Rather than toss the dough or worse yet, bake the thing as it was (with all the grains etc. in it the poor thing would've been a great doorstop), I decided to attempt adding in the yeast. Okay, I'll be honest. This was not the easiest thing to do. It was messy. Very messy. But I was determined to rework the dough with the missing ingredient now included. Anyways, the photo shows that despite my mistake and struggle, the dough actually rose beautifully and the bread is delicious.


  1. Looks like lots of fun! And I bet your house smells heavenly. My mom makes all their bread and has for years. I love that smell! Somehow that gene skipped me though I think! It all sounds so scary.

  2. Hi Katherine, I didn't know you had your own individual blog, as well as the one shared with friends. Bread is him indoors favourite, he always chooses burnt tops! He would love it if I made home-made bread, the last time I made it was a school, and that was many, many moons ago. Great ideas for the gingerbread house, I keep seeing all these great ideas on people's blogs and never get around to trying any of them. x

  3. Such a nice and cozy day with your family...

    I have always dreamt of making a gingerbread house - ever since I was a child - and to do it in fabric is very smart!

    I must admit that you made me smile... :0) Forgetting the yeast and fighting hard to put it in the dough anyway. This sounds excactly like something I would do (oh, HAVE done!!!)Baking goes better for me when it is in fabric....

    The bread looks absolutly delicious! Lucky your family to have nice, homemade, warm bread every day.


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