Hello! Happy Holidays!

My apologies for my abrupt departure from blogging. I've been wrapped up in enjoying time with my family and the days have been passing far too quickly.
I did manage to get this project further along to share with you. I have a feeling that I may keep adding to it as time goes on. As my boys say, "You can never overdecorate a gingerbread house!"Apparently you can never eat too much gingerbread, either. Above you see that I made a batch of chocolate gingerbread men, which was a new recipe to me. The official taste testers let me know that they really preferred the original gingerbread recipe. Funny thing is, the chocolate gingerbread disappeared quickly. The sacrifices they make around here. ;o) Added to all the indoor enjoyments of the season is this view from my kitchen window. Such beauty always puts a smile on my face. A winter wonderland.

Hoping each of you is enjoying a joyous holiday season with your loved ones and I'm wishing each of you bliss now and throughout the upcoming year.


  1. The gingerbread house is stunning! I'm sure you will have fun adding a new little something to it each year when you pull it out!

  2. I love your gingerbread house! Such a great idea to make one of materials that can be kept.


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