Thrifting Treats...

I made a quick stop at a local thrift store to look for some crafting supplies for one of my works in progress (remember that fabric gingerbread house?). Besides finding exactly what I needed for that project, I found these treats...
Cottons to add to my scrappy stash of fabrics along with this cute Strawberry Shortcake printed flannel (destined to become a integral part of a child's quilt idea I have).
I always look thru the clothes for items to repurpose and lucked out by finding some wool sweaters to felt. Yay! Must admit I was also coveting the pretty metal buttons on the patterned sweater and the separating zipper with the fancy pull tab on the cardigan. I love bonuses like that!
Final happy find for me was this grab bag of sewing treats - some vintage ric rac, embroidered trim and ribbon in abundance!


  1. Great finds!
    Love the strawberry shortcake flannel and the wide embroidered trim.
    Can't wait to see what you do with them.

    Kimberly :)

  2. Wow! that is the thrifting jackpot. What cute Strawberry Shortcake fabric. And all manner of crafting pleasures can be had with felted sweaters :)

  3. Serious score for you on that bag of trims. I can just picture the smile on your face when you found those. :-)


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