What's Inside Two Squares?

I love trying new ideas. What can you make from two squares of coordinating fabric? Why this simple drawstring pouch!

Just the right size to tuck in some sewing tools or maybe some sweets.


  1. Oh how cute, that would be perfect for jewerly while traveling.
    Great job.

  2. Love that, Katherine. And...it would be the perfect size for a bar or two of chocolate as well. ;-)

  3. Very cute Katherine!
    I thought it would be a great place for hiding chocolate, especially by using pink fabric in a house filled with boys :-)

  4. Katherine
    a variation of this is my favourite giftie to fellow quilters.. I have embroidered blocks, used four patch for a bit square instead of the one fabric, used a nine patch block, strips, made 3 different sizes.. If I had a $1 for everyone of those bags I had made, well I reckon I'd have at least $32! LOL


  5. adorable! and yes it would be great for traveling with jewerly!

  6. I love that little bag! It is so pretty. Nice work!


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