How to Sew a Small Drawstring Pouch from 2 Squares

In a previous post I showed what you could make from 2 squares of fabric. Just in case you want to know how, here's the tutorial so you can make your own.

1. Cut two squares of contrasting fabric. For this pouch I cut my squares 9.75"

2. Place squares right sides together and sew around them, using 1/4" seams and be sure to leave an opening along one side for turning after stitching.*Clip all four corners so that you will have crisp corner points when turned right side out*

3. Turn right side out. I use a chopstick to help push the fabric in the corners to crisp points. Press. Hand stitch the opening you made for turning.

4. Mark the centers on all four sides with the fabric you want as the outside of the pouch facing up.

5. Measure out 3/4" from the centers (the dark headed pins in my sample) and mark with disappearing ink or with a pin as I did. Be sure to mark out 3/4" on both sides of your center pins.

Here's the close up of step #5...

6. Fold the corners in using the marks you made 3/4" from the centers; as shown below. Pin down each of the four corners this way.

This close up shows how I have the corners folded at a right angle with the pins guiding me.

This is what your fabric should look like after all the corners have been pinned down.

7. Now you will measure and stitch 1/2" in from the folded edge you've made from turning the corners down. Be sure to back stitch at the start and end of this seam as this is to be the casing for your drawstring.

This shows the squares after all four casings have been stitched for the drawstrings.

8. Next step is to fold the point of the corner up towards the casing seam line. Hand stitch the point in place. ***Do not sew your stitches into the casing***

After all four points have been tacked folded up towards the casing, your pouch should look like this:

9. Now you need to thread two pieces of ribbon through the casing. I cut my ribbon extra long at 35" each. Be sure to thread each ribbon through all four of the casings so it completes a "circle". Notice how you start each ribbon directly across from the other as shown below.

10. Fill the pouch with treasures (jewelry? sewing notions? candy? or whatever else you can think of!) and pull the ribbons tight to secure it.

Have fun making these a bit bigger or smaller if you wish. These make up so quick that making several would be a breeze. Make some for gift giving, but be sure to make at least one for yourself!
Happy sewing!


  1. That fabric is so pretty.

    Thanks for posting this tutorial. I was pretty sure that's how you'd made the other one you posted but it's good to have it confirmed.

  2. So clever and so easy. Thanks for the tute.
    Andi :-)

  3. Oh my goodness. That is one clever little bag, and perfect for the gift giving season. Another one to add to my list of 'must try that before Christmas'!

  4. I've seen this before but you make it so easy to understand. Thankyou. I have thought of using a couple of silk scarves to do this with maybe some reinforcing in between. What do you think? Cherrie

  5. Oh good greif! Simple as pie! I thought there was goingt o be some sort of complicated trick involved with this but nope, easy peasy! Thanks for sharing!

  6. that is so cute!!! thanks for a great tutorial!

  7. Excellent Tutorial. You could easily be a craft book editor or layout person. Also, great project. I think I'll make one today.

  8. Very clever! Thanks for posting this!

  9. This is a great tutorial Katherine! I received one of these great bags from Lissa Jane and have wondered how it was made. Now I know, thanks.

  10. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! And just in time! I wanted to make a cute little bag for my neice for Christmas to hold a manicure set and this is perfect!! You're the best Katherine!! :)

  11. thanks Katherine, I'm making several as gift bags right now!

  12. Hi Katherine, thanks for the wonderful tutorial! I’ve started making some drawstring pouches using Christmas fabrics!
    Hope you’re doing fine!!

  13. Thanks, thanks, three thanks for this tutorial, Katherine!
    I think I'll do two of them for gifts. Surely I'll show them with your link.
    I was out for a week but I've done some little things my sister asked me... so my own gifts are late...
    I saw you have lots of snow. Here we have only cold and rain. But this year the snow is very near.
    Have a happy week

  14. Love this project. I whipped one up but didn't have any ribbon that matched. I am going to try to get some of these done for gifts. Thanks for the tutorial. I have so much small pieces of fabric to use up. Love your blog. I just happened upon you a few days ago and now you are in my favorites. pam

  15. Love this project. I whipped one up but didn't have any ribbon that matched. I am going to try to get some of these done for gifts. Thanks for the tutorial. I have so much small pieces of fabric to use up. Love your blog. I just happened upon you a few days ago and now you are in my favorites. pam

  16. I just happened upon your blog the other day and now you are in my 'favorites'
    Such a cute and fast project. I have so many small pieces of fabric to use and this is just the thing. Would make a great bazaar item.


  17. Hmmmm, maybe if I get myself one of those special measuring type thingies my sewing projects might start looking a little tidier? ;-)
    I know they will never be as perfectly done (and gorgeous) as yours but I feel a renewed sense of hope that I won't always be a slapdash sewer with crooked seams. ;-)

    Looks lovely, Katherine. Thanks for posting all the how-to tips.

  18. That's a lovely little bag, I never would have thought of making the casing that way!

  19. wow i just found your blog and
    wonderful tutorial... i can't believe that i didn't come across your blog sooner...i'm going to give your project a looks great and about my level of sewing...quick and fun...

  20. Thank you for the great tutorial. I whipped several of these up on the 23rd for gifts and they turned out great. Your pictures were great for the step by step. Thanks again!

  21. Love the pouch. The fabric is so pretty.

  22. I just looked at the tutorial for this and love it. Can't wait to make it tonight!

  23. Hello. I just made the drawstring bag using your tute. The tute was very well written & easy to follow. I especially liked that you added enough pictures that I didn't have to guess! :)

    I do have a question though. Is it possible to make the bag so that the drawstring completely closes the bag?

    thank you,\

  24. Hello!

    I've been more into sewing recently and this bag is sooo easy and smart!

    Thank you for the tutorial.

  25. This is so lovely and clever! I write a column for the Examiner online about crafting on a budget. I was wondering if you allow me to share this project? If you're interested please drop me a line! It doesn't cost you anything, of course, but I would love to have your permission to use your photos and link to your blog. Thanks!

  26. Can't wait to make this, thanks. Karen
    Sippy Cup Central Mom

  27. So cute. I am off to make one... the 'make or break' of this little bag is the material I think... let me consult my stash...

  28. I just love this pouch it is so pretty, I can't wait to get some material to make it. Thanks again for sharing it.

  29. I made one using a single vintage hankie. So Cute!

  30. That is a must to make tomorrow! Thank you very much for the clear instructions.

  31. Thank you for this tutorial. I had made a few a couple of years ago. I wanted you to know how happy you made a 70 year old man. I laughingly made it for his surprise party and told him it was for his old man things.... Eyeglasses, hearing aids, teeth, cellphone, condoms lol...... when he goes away his wife said he always takes it for by his bed. I was really pleased to hear it was a hit.
    Now I am making it for a friend. She asked me to turn her Moms shirts into memory pillows for her daughter and niece. I decided to turn an arm into one of these terrific bags. Thank you sew much.

    1. Aw, that is just so lovely to hear! Nothing makes me happier - knowing that I have been of help and that your project was such a hit with the recipient.

      I appreciate you sharing this sweet story and hope you enjoy sewing many more!

  32. Thank you!!! This is totally fabulous and I can't wait to make this tiny kinchaku. I am so grateful to you for this pattern and also you have explained it so beautifully. You really have made my day, thank you!


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