How to sew a zig zag doll quilt

I used 7 different flannel fabrics for my doll quilt. Cut 2 sets of strips 2" wide from each fabric (from selvage edge to selvage edge). You will then have a total of 14 strips that are 2" wide each. **I've only pictured one set of 7 strips below**

Using 1/4" seam allowances sew one set of the 7 strips together lengthwise. Press all the seams open, as shown below.

Placing wrong side to wrong side, fold in half the pieced strips (lengthwise). My folded edge is on the left hand side in the picture below. Take your time to make sure the seams line up as well as the cut edges.

Place your ruler to make a 45 degree angle, making sure that your cutting line will be to the inside of the folded edge (my cut will start in the bottom left corner, where the folded edge and the bottom edge of the pieced strips form a right angle).

The first cut will leave you with a triangle, set this aside. Your next cut will be 2" over from the initial cut and will give you a strip of all 7 of the fabrics on a 45 degree angle. Continue making 2" cuts in this manner.
  I was only able to get 3 full cuts from my piece (because one of my fabrics wasn't as wide from selvage to selvage as the other six). The piece to the right of my last 2" strip is waste that can be used for another project (such as the matching doll pillow - see first photo above).

From my cuts, I now have 3 pairs or 6 strips that will line up when placed right sides up, to form a zig-zag pattern. Sew the strips together right side to right side, using 1/4" seams. **This completes the sewing for one set of strips. Go back and do the same steps for the other set of 7 strips you have cut.**

Here you can see the two sets - or 6 pairs - (all 12 of the 2" strips cut from my 7 different fabrics) sewn together. Again, I pressed my seams open (I found the flannel too bulky to press to one side - but suit yourself to whether you press yours open or to one side).

Now it's time to trim off the points on the two outside rows of the pieced quilt top.

Placing the quilt back right side down on the table and layer the quilt batting and then the quilt top (right side up) onto it. Pin (baste) the 3 layers together. Note that your backing and batting should be cut slightly larger than the quilt top. Now you're ready to hand or machine quilt the doll quilt.

Once you finish quilting, you need to trim off the excess batting and fabric from the backing. I cut about 1/4" out from the edge of the quilt top rather than even to it. I do this because it adds a little more fullness into the binding. This is strictly a preference of mine. Now you're ready to cut your binding for the quilt.
I cut my strips 2 1/2", but you can cut yours narrower (especially if you trimmed your batting and backing even with the quilt top). You should only need to cut 2 strips the width of your fabric for the binding.

Attach the binding to the quilt using 1/4" seams (your binding strips are folded and pressed wrong sides together and then you match the raw edges of the binding to the raw edge of the quilt top). *** see footnote***

The last step is to fold the binding to the back of the quilt and handstitch it down. I use clips to hold the binding in place to make it stay in place for hand stitching.

Your zig-zag doll quilt is finished!
*** I realize I didn't break down the steps in cutting and sewing the binding in greater detail. I'm working off the assumption you may already know how to do this and because I know other blogs which do this step in detail already. If you're unsure of this step, you can visit Amandajean's tutorial on binding a quilt at Crazy Mom Quilts.


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