Ready to felt

Winter and knitting. What could be nicer on a cold winter evening than watching a movie and knitting yourself something warm and cozy? That's just what I've been doing lately. I've kept my needles busy with socks, hats and more slippers so far this winter.

I have a couple of pairs of slippers currently waiting to be felted and instead of waiting, I decided to show you how things look at this point. These little Mary Jane slippers are for my newest niece and will be finished off with a button after they are felted.

Warning! Shade your eyes! My newest slippers are traffic stopping bright. ;o) It seemed like a great combination to add a little colour to our white winter, while keeping my feet warm. Okay, you caught me. Yeah. I was stash busting. Another plus with this colour choice? I know the all male household I live with won't be so quick to walk off in these. (Pink really helps me stake out my turf around here... hee hee).

Both of these slipper designs are by Bev Galeskas. I consider myself a novice knitter, but have had great success with her patterns and can highly recommend them.

I'll post pictures of how the slippers look after they're felted so you can see how beautifully they finish up.


  1. Those little baby slippers are so cute! They will be lovely when they have been felted. You ahve been knitting up a storm lately!!

  2. I can hear the soothing sound of knitting needles... and I see lovely pink and red. Good to see your post!!

  3. I'm rather excited to see how these beautiful slippers will look after being felted.
    I just love the colour combination you have made with red and pink. :0)

  4. They are cute!!!And probably very warm when they are felted! You are right, nothing like winter evenings to sit down and knit, it feels so cozy!

  5. Oh how we need to add some colour to these days! I miss the sun soooo much!
    I'm curious to see the slippers after felting!

    and i'm happy to have you back:)

  6. the baby ones are adorable! I have been knitting a bunch these days too--- it is all snowy today and I am thinking I need to start something new!

  7. Oh sooo cute.... I love the idea of knitting on a winter's evening while watching a movie; it has a romance to it. But alas my heart has not 'knit' to the art itself. I've tried numerous times, yet never get very far on any project.

    So I'll content myself to enjoy the beauty and comfort of knitting vicariously -- enjoying the work as other crafters share their projects through magazines, photos and blogs.

  8. your knitting is lovely! it is the perfect winter activity. isn't it nice to not be tied to the sewing machine?


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