Strips and Stitches

My latest sewing project involves strip*ing. ;o) Fabric strip cutting, that is. Cut lots of strips. Stitch the strips together...
cut them apart and then stitch together again. To make these...

little bits of fabric love. All of which I hope to put together to make something bigger and eventually quilted to show you. Soon.


  1. Interesting .... what comes next?
    Andi :-)

  2. Curious to see what the next step will be...!!

  3. I'll be looking foward to seeing your newest project!

  4. Ahhhh, when I come and visit your site, almost you persuade me.... to take up quilting. The outcome of each project is such a treasure and a joy to behold.

    But, alas, I already know from experience I find the work too fiddly for me. I worked on a quilt my mom made for me a few years ago, and enjoyed the final handstitching. She did all the other work.

    But I can sooooo enjoy the efforts of others. So keep stitchin' and creatin' -- I'll be hear to enjoy and applaud!


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