Sew Together

Recently, I picked up a contract sewing job. It's another way besides my working at the garden shop that I hope to contribute to our bank account. ;o) The best part with this new job is that I work from home, but it meant converting the room I had been using for basting my quilts into a sewing/cutting room for upholstery.

My husband put together the cutting table for us and drew the pattern template of the restaurant cushions for the new job. I was at our industrial machine stitching up the sample and then
once our work got the thumbs up from the company we're subcontracting for, my husband took his turn at the machine. He's a trained upholsterer, but hasn't plied this trade for many a year. This job allowed us to put our skills to work as well as being a reminder of when we were dating. I taught my husband how to sew way back when we were college students. He took to it like a duck to water and we discovered just how well we can work together.

I'm pleased to say that we still work well together. This upholstery job most likely won't be our last. It's good to be back in the work room together involved in an area we both love - creating with fabric.
*The above photo is a peek at the first double set of cushions I stitched up from the pattern my husband drew up. We're almost finished with this first contract and I hope to show you photos of the cushion covers filled out with their foam inserts. It's hard to give you the idea of what the finished product looks like when all I have is the empty covers to show at this point.


  1. Looks like a perfect work from home opportunity! Hope it is the first of many.

  2. I'm so glad you can sew from home! Hope you have more work like that!

  3. It's so much fun being able to work together! Hope there's more of that kind of work for you.

  4. how fun to be working on that together! how cool that your husband is a trained upholsterer.

  5. Ohhh, I'm so excited that so many good things are coming your way!!

    To have garnered a contract for work that you can do in your own home -- to my way of thinking, that's the best way!

  6. That's wonderful - what a great arrangement!


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