This is Spring?

It seems that the seasons are a bit mixed up. This is the view from my kitchen window yesterday at lunchtime...

While the seasons sort themselves out, I get to wait a little longer on the yardwork and spent my day in this room instead.

Ta-da. My sewing room is slowly looking more organized. I spent the day working on some piecework sewing for a client. It was a productive day of stitching, with stops for some homemade soup at lunchtime, homemade bread for a snack and then some comfort food for supper. All enjoyed with the company of my family. Ah, the benefits of working from home.

Changing the view... my creative space looks a bit jumbled yet, but I do know where to find everything. Anybody else would need a map. Now I guess it's easier for you to believe that I have a list of 10 projects to finish for the Challenge and won't be worrying about our mixed up, so-called Spring weather. I've certainly got enough to keep me busy. ;o)


  1. Eek!! I'm hoping it melts before I get there! I've packed up all my winter clothes. I'll send some of our mild weather your way ;-)

    Your sewing room looks fabulous! What a wonderful creative space for you to be able to have everything accessible and your machines always set up. Yay!

  2. seems different parts of the city had it worse then others we faired pretty good in in deep SE!

  3. Gosh... snow?!

    Your sewing room looks really organized to me. You should see mine... it looks like a hand grenade exploded...LOL!


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