"What in the world can you make with such tiny zippers?" a fellow thrifty shopper asked me when she saw me scooping up a handful of 4" zippers at the Unused Fabric and Crafts Sale. Honestly, at that moment, I was enthralled with their cool looking zipper pulls more than having a specific project in mind. I told her I could use them for coin purses and that seemed to satisfy her curiosity. ;o) Turns out that 4" was too small for my usual coin purse design, so I put the zippers aside.
When Jacqueline was visiting last week, she showed me a coin purse that she uses and asked if I could help her figure out how it was put together. Here was my chance to use one of those tiny zippers as I worked out a prototype. The coin purse is lined, with the lining being machine stitched to the zip at the same time as the face fabric. The tricky part was that my fabric choices were light weight and a bit slippery to work with.
I resolved that problem by using a decorator weight cotton for the next attempt. I also added fabric tabs to cover both ends of the tiny zipper, which makes the sewing even easier. This is coin purse prototype #2.

I couldn't leave the idea alone, though. Those cute, tiny zippers were calling me. Last night, I put together a new shape and I decided to use selvedges as my face fabric.
Just like the second prototype, I decided to enclose the zipper ends with fabric tabs and again, the coin purse is fully lined.
I added some ribbon to the zipper pull and a ribbon loop to one end.

Now I'm wishing I had grabbed more of these tiny zips at that sale!
*Just wondering if anyone would be interested in a tutorial on making these coin purses? If so, which design would you prefer...#1, #2, #3?


  1. Those are SO fun!! Love the ribbon pull too.

  2. Can I be greedy and say defo 2&3.
    They are mega cute.

  3. they are all cute but 3 is different!

  4. I'll just watch, thanks! LOL

    But if I'm choosing, I'll pick #3.

  5. three. can i buy that one from you?

  6. The triangular ones are terrific. Love the fabric and really creative way with the zippers.

  7. they look fantastic! i like the fabric at each end of the zipper and the ribbon tabs - i knew you'd come up with something awesome with this design:-)

  8. Love those purses, esp. # 3. We all love tutorials don’t we?


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