Orange you happy? I am.

Before our end of summer get away, I kept my machine busy with some gift making.  I didn't want to spoil the recipients' surprise by showing anything on my blog first... but now that all the gifts have reached their new homes, I'm going to share with you.  I've been working on some ideas using patchwork for journal covers (inspired by the creative works of Andi) and here is my orange version, made for my quilting hero and friend, Amanda Jean.

Orange happens to be her favourite colour,  and also seems be a part of her philosophy of life. Earlier this year, when I was feeling blue, she cheered me up by explaining that if I could just make my way to the colour orange on the colour wheel (opposite of blue), things would be better.  Hard to be down when you're orange, no? ;o)

Happily, I did leave my "blues" behind and not only did I find my way into "orange" I knew that I wanted to make my friend a gift in this cheery colour (with a bit of blue here and there - for balance, you know ;o)

Above is the journal cover inside without the journal in place.

Here's a close up of the front cover details, including buttons from my collection and a peek at one of two gnomes I pieced into the patchwork.

Keeping with my "orange" theme, I thought she could use a wristlet.  I know I can't have enough of these to keep me organized.

This time I included a pocket on the outside of the wristlet along with a press snap closure (the vintage button is covering the snap). Inside, I added some pockets to keep everything tidy.  It's amazing how much difference a couple of pockets make to a simple design.  The real zinger is the fabric.  Don't those orange dots make you want to smile?  Orange you happy?  I am.


  1. Orange always makes me happy! Love your gifts for Amandajean! The wristlet is gorgeous!

  2. Lucky Amandajean to receive these lovely gifts!

  3. And orange you glad that you have such wise women in your life who will share their philosophies with you?
    I know I feel very blessed by the women in my life and count myself lucky that you are one of them. Beautiful creations as always, Katherine.

  4. Orange has really become a favorite of mine since my husband and son look so great in it! These are great little treasures you have made- love those dots!

  5. Your orange creations look fantastic, that is one colour seriously lacking in my stash.

  6. orange is a happy colour and my son's favourite. your projects are delightful. look forward to meeting you next week.!!!

  7. The oranges are cheering.

    Where did the wristlet pattern come form?

  8. Orange is interesting. One day I was at the patchwork shop with my kids and my 16 year old said that he felt sorry for orange. The shop had it's fabrics arranged in colours and the orange section was very small. My 16 year old went on to explain that he thought it should be the largest section because orange is the happiest colour. So yes. Orange you happy? Yes.

  9. this post had me grinning from ear to ear. you are so cute, sweet friend. i LOVE LOVE LOVE all the goodies that you sent my way. i'm a lucky, lucky girl. and i'm feeling very orange at the moment. thank you AGAIN, so much. for everything.

  10. I'm already feeling happy just by reading this great post! Orange color brings energy and creativity, your gifts for Amandajean are beautiful!


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