Monday, December 6, 2010

Sitting on quilts

I'm excited to share with you the project that used up most of these scrappy red blocks....

Those blocks were used to transform my kitchen chairs from this...
to this....
Each chair used four complete bento box blocks.
I stipple quilted the blocks to a backing fabric and then they were layered over the existing fabric on the chairs.  Prudence determined that a top layer of clear vinyl would ensure that the new covers would wear a little longer.
My husband did the upholstery work for me and I'm feeling spoiled. 
I almost don't want to keep the chairs pushed in under the table anymore.  I'm just so happy with how they turned out.
Upon seeing the newly recovered chairs, my son declared, "Now we'll be sitting on quilts!"
(or stretching out on them as the case may be ;o)


  1. That is so cute! We'll be sitting on quilts.

    Those chairs are adorable. A very fun project. Now can I borrow your husband to do some upholstery work for me?

  2. Wonderful! I have been thinking the same for my sewing chair.

  3. they look amazing! you and your hubby make such a great team:-)

  4. Gorgeous - now nobody will want to leave the table, they'll be so comfie!

  5. Wow they look fantastic! Great job with the bento boxes!

  6. Wow, they are terrific. I am sure that, unless you get another bug to change, that these chair covers will be enjoy for a long time. They are really great looking.

  7. Great tutorial! Love this block I will be saving it for the future.


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