Monday, April 11, 2011

It was a fabric treasure hunt

Here's the final installment on my finds at the Unused Fabric and Crafts Sale.  The main room at the sale contained table upon table of fabric abundance - ranging from corduroy, flannel, polar fleece, cottons, knits to denim (any pretty much anything in between).  What bliss to wander through, especially when you could pick up yardage (nothing less than 1metre) for as little as $1! 

This is the stack of yardages I trundled home with. :o)  You can see it's a varied assortment!  I didn't get too carried away... no fun fur purchases this year or anything too wild.  I basically went for quilting fabric and some yardage for clothing.  Should keep me happily sewing for awhile, don't you think? ;o)

Had to share these lovely pieces separately, so you can see the full impact.
I think the cotton in the pictures (floral prints top and below) are vintage.  They have such a soft hand - almost like voile.
This sweet print is also cotton, perhaps vintage?... and there's metres of it.  I'm almost considering making a dress for myself from it.  I bet it would look great made into a dress from one of my vintage patterns.  On the other hand, there's enough here to work as quilt backing, which I'm always on the search for.  Tough choice! ;o)
Well, I've got my newest finds freshly laundered and ready for me to get busy sewing.   If I continue to visit this annual sale, I need to pick up the pace with my sewing output or I'm going to run out of stash space. lol


  1. wow, Katherine! you certainly made a haul! good for you! it was fun to see all your new goodies. and at such awesome prices. yay for you!!!

  2. I'm so happy for you that you found that sale when you first moved there. Love seeing your finds that you share with us. I especially love that red/pink floral with the red and white polka dot fabric - what fun. And I can see that you will have a hard time deciding which way to use that blue floral, I love blue floral too and it really would be a toss up. I think I'd want it as a duvet cover for my bedroom, there is just something peaceful to me about blue florals.

  3. Love your pile of fabrics. I think I would wnat to buy the whole place up if I was let loose in this sale. Look forward to seeing your makes.

  4. wow.. pretty floral fabric... :D
    can already imagine a pretty dress on you..! :D

  5. Now that's the kind of treasure hunt I'd love to go on. Great finds! And you're right, the bottom floral would make a lovely dress.

  6. I do like those floral fabrics...very sweet prints!


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