Sunday, April 10, 2011

More reasons why I love this annual sale...

seem rather obvious,  I suppose.  Well at least to any fabricaholic, such as myself. lol Yesterday, I teased you with images of all the notions I scooped up (some in scary large amounts!) and now I'm going to share some of the fabric goodness that I found.  For the past two years I've attended the sale, I mostly stayed away from fabric buying - for obvious reasons - we were moving house and let's face it, I already have a  stash to play with.  This year I decided spend less on notions and more on fabric.  Each year I've attended, there's a separate room devoted to quilting fabrics, but this year the organizers came up with the clever idea of making some bundles using up the smaller yardages instead of only selling single fabric pieces.  You can guess what happened...
I got hold of three bundles of browns for future projects (because you know I adore scrappy patchwork)
and when I got them home I opened up the bundles to discover that each held a minimum of 8 different fabrics.
No fabric was repeated in any of the bundles, so I've really added to my stash of browns to be able to do some patchwork magic.
Then I grabbed some bundles in blue,

a couple of red bundles,

 and finally, one pink bundle.  Did I mention that these lovely bundles were $5 each?  I found that the yardage of the pieces would be anywhere from a fat eighth up to a yard with at least 8 different fabrics/bundle.  Seemed like a fabulous and thrifty way to enhance my stash for patchwork projects!

Quilting fabric wasn't the end of my fabric finds.  How about a peek at my other (some vintage) fabric finds tomorrow?


  1. Wow! Still marvelling at this sale! You mentioned you are moving? Was that previously or are you on the move again?

  2. You took good advantage of this sale!!! I love bundle packs!!!

    Quiltingly Yours

  3. Can’t believe a whole year passed by since the annual sale from 2010! Those fabric bundles are awesome. Those reds are so prettty!

  4. I would love to go to a sale like this. I love srappy finds too. I bought scraps from a store here twice now. They dont always have a good selection. I am about to finish piecing on a scrappy quilt that used a lot of different scraps. I found I was supremely lacking in the orange and yellow department.

  5. What lovely fabric you were able to add to your stash! I especially love the reds.

  6. The last 2 brown ones are just great! Ooooohhhh all that brown! Oh I love me some neutrals!

  7. What I missed a fabric sale in my own city. Where was this? who did it? when is next years so I can put it on my calendar now. :( sorry I missed it.

  8. Wow! What a fantastic haul! Love the buttons, buckles, and zippers and those fabric prints ar great!
    I wish we had a sale like that around here.

    Happy sewing! :-)

  9. Do you know, I'm sure I recognize some of those florals from the days when my mom made Raggedy Anns (for their dresses) and Holly Hobbys. They just look so familiar to me, I always love seeing old patterns that look familiar whether it is in fabrics, old counter tops in old homes or what have you - fun to see how it can trigger instant recognition years later.


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