Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Why I'm smiling today...

I was in for a lovely surprise when I opened my mailbox this morning.  I had two small packets waiting for me.  The first was a complete surprise from one of my dearest friends.  A sweet gift to let me know that she's thinking of me and couldn't have been better timed. One of the hardest things about moving to a new province, back in 2008, was knowing I would be living hours away from my wonderful girlfriends.  We were very much a part of each other's lives and it's been hard living so far apart.  I am very blessed with the friends I have in my life and appreciate every email, every card and every phone call that keeps us in touch.  Tell me I'm not spoiled, though.  Look what  she sent! ( My picture doesn't do justice to this special gift.)  Dianne sent me these beautiful (they look handcrafted - each is uniquely coloured and sanded so silkily smooth) coconut shell buttons and a gorgeous piece of linen (both from Cambodia). Wow.  I'm so tempted to just put these buttons in my pockets so that I can keep touching them, they're so smooth and lovely feeling.

 The second packet contained my winnings from a giveaway held last month by Incomparable Buttons.  Check out these tiny, adorable penguins!  These buttons are handmade in South Africa by some very talented ladies and I'm thrilled to have some of their beautiful handiwork. Have a look at their online catalogue - you won't be disappointed, they have a gorgeous selection and even though the buttons are handmade ceramic, they are washable.  You can visit the blog ButtonMad and  you may even win one of their frequent giveaways!

Thanks Dianne for your generous and lovely gifts!
Thanks to the ladies at Incomparable Buttons for the beautiful penguin buttons.
  I'm still smiling as I dream up the projects I will make using the treats that were in my mailbox today.


  1. Friends of the heart do come with us when we move..... even if it's glimpses of their love in the mailbox.... and those cute treasures must have made you smile BIG!

  2. What gorgeous buttons your friend sent you!!!! I just love buttons!!

    Congratulations on winning the Penguin buttons. I too tried to win those buttons and added my link and comment, but alas I must prevail and look for other giveaways and contests!!! So glad you won!

    Quiltingly Yours

  3. Gorgeous buttons. I have a thing for buttons also. I can remember some special ones from childhood and I have some from a very special blouse from the sixties. I won't put them on anything, unless it is for me. I get very stinging with terrific buttons.

  4. You had to enjoy the gifts are beautiful and precious! For a long time and I love buttons and collect them with great care and attention!


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