Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Quiet Crochet

Leafing through this new book I borrowed from the library, I became inspired to dig out my crochet supplies from my storage bins.  
 Amongst my crochet threads, I found some bits that I'd worked up and just put away.  I have some ideas for putting those pieces to use - no more storing them!  I also decided to try out some patterns from the new book, so I spent last evening crocheting while watching the The Quiet Man.  

There's nothing like a good  movie when it's raining and you have some handwork to do.   Do you have any old favourites that you love to watch?


  1. Well, I am a sucker for old movies as you know, but sometimes I like old tv series just as much. I have been watching the English show "The Good Life" of late. I love an English comedy!

  2. I watch Murder, She Wrote every night at 7:00 - that's ME time, LOL!

  3. Thanks for the nudge bout crocheting. It is something that I want to learn. I m not able to knit because of a ganglion in my left wrist. It only re-occurs when I knit. So crocheting would be a good replacement.
    The Quiet Man was my mother's favorite!

  4. How fun to try out new crochet designs. I will have to look for that book.

  5. Now crocheting for me... that's a whole different ball of yarn. I like to crochet (forget the knitting)!

    What fun patterns you're trying out. Neat colors too!

  6. Love the blue color.. very sweet.. is it a doily-to-be?


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