Friday, June 3, 2011

Outside my kitchen window

colour and beauty are bursting forth.  The simple pleasure of this view adds an extra touch of joy to my day.

Especially when I consider that  only a month ago, these same branches looked like this....
Wishing you joy and beauty today.


  1. What a sight to behold! Isn't it beautiful now? We've got a rainy day here, but the birds are still coming to the feeders so their chirpy songs still ring out.

    Enjoy the view...enjoy the day!

  2. hope the rain and hail that just passed through south Calgary didn't take all the blossoms away. they are too pretty!!

  3. What a difference a month makes! Tomorrow our youngest lad is driving me to the store to pick up flowers and veggies for the garden (hubby is working) so I actually hope it's cool and not too sunny this weekend, lol.

  4. I cannot believe how quickly the spring seems to have taken hold. Everything is greening up. We even went camping already. Such pretty pink flowers for you to look at. I've been looking at all the ones blooming here in the boulevards and wish I had one in my yard too!

  5. Well I think both photos are absolutely beautiful! What a lovely sight summer or winter! We are in winter now and I am loving looking out the window at it. I was in church today watching the last of the leaves be blown off the trees in the church yard. It was so pretty!

  6. Hi Katherine, I was just on another site and she just got a Singer 5-51 (?) but it was the cabinet that she found and bought that was really sharp. And I thought of you. Her address is
    you have to scroll down to the second post. It was quite fun to look at. She is as energetic as you! Which is saying something. Really enjoy your posts.


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