Friday, June 17, 2011

A triangle addiction seems to have taken over

my kitchen in the form of my homemade spanakopitas (have to remember to make more of these yummies treats to keep ahead of the hollow legged teens that live and  EAT here ;o).   I think I may have been born a Greek in another lifetime because I just can't get enough of these. lol

Across from the kitchen, more triangles  are showing up in my sewing room as I play with HST blocks.
 One block inevitably leads to at least two, because I just can't stop playing with fabric (even when I should go to bed before I make an assembly mess-up... like in the top block below ;o)
 At this moment, my sewing space has become half-square triangle headquarters.  Lots of cutting, stitching and pressing going on here with little trails of triangle bits being tracked throughout the house as further evidence of what I've been sewing.  My sons say this is how they know where to find me...
they just look for a trail of threads and fabric bits on the floor.  This time it's my triangle snipped bits that are the pointing the way to where I am.


  1. Love your new blogheader! Cleverly made Katherine! And lovely blue blocks!

    Yes, that’s me too, follow the pieces of threads up the stairs and you will find me!

  2. Ooo FOOD! It looks soooooo good! Do they mail well?

  3. Where's recipe for that triangle treat? Love your quilt beginnings.

  4. OOOOO wa delicious baked the cakes you have and they fit exactly
    powered by the qultblokken. These look beautiful in color and model. What will it be? for bed or the couch?

  5. I've seen what teenaged boys can do to a box of cereal or bag of cookies in one sitting - I feared for my fingers, but luckily escaped unscathed! ;) Bless their hollow-legged hearts, they certainly do have a bit of an appetite ... HA!!! I wouldn't mind your spanakopita recipe either - they look yummy, although I'm going to google to see what they actually are, lol.

    Pretty blocks (I don't see the error?) - HSTs are addictive :) I leave that same trail of thread here, lol.


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