Saturday, June 18, 2011

Triangle love continues

It started out innocently enough.  I had a few squares left from other projects and thought I could just add a few more pieces from my stash and make a block to test out an idea (which you will recognize me showing yesterday).

 One block became two...
 and somehow I found myself with extra squares, cut and ready to sew. Can't leave it at that, right?
  I started sewing my half square triangle blocks and laying them out next to one another. The zig zag layout caught my fancy.
 Pretty soon, those pleasingly arranged HSTs were carefully labelled with green painter's tape and stitched together into a few rows.  Still all rather experimental.  Then the real trouble began when I hung those rows up and stood back to take a look at them.  I liked them. A LOT.
 More cutting, sewing, labelling and sewing ensued.  So caught up in the making that I haven't bothered to remove the painter's tape (or finish pressing each seam or even sew those rows together yet...I will though, I promise).
My innocent "testing" has lead me this far in and now I need to decide where I'm going with this.  Do I have enough to make this into a bed sized quilt or do I stop and make it lap-sized? Part of me really wants to see this on a bed... but although that means more cutting and sewing, I'm only concerned I may run out of fabric (if my menfolk read this they would certainly have a good laugh... they seem to think I have an impressive amount of fabric... but to me, the key to making this design work, has been the variety of blues and white/off whites and I'm steadily dwindling those stocks).  What would you think of  bordering those zig zag blocks in another fabric in order to make this bed-sized? 
While I'm contemplating my options, I'll keep sewing as many blocks as I can.  Basically, I'm just wrapped up in the love of all those triangles and how they have elevated the look of those leftover or odd sundry bits of fabric I had laying around into an attractive design ( um... attractive minus all my green painter's tape labelling ;o).

PS. As requested, I'll share the recipe for my triangle spanakopitas soon.


  1. oh wow, you are on a quilting rollercoaster and it’s blue. I love the little green bits. Looks like ticker tape! Iove the look of the quilt, so if you don’t need to make a border I wouldn’t.. Maybe you can cut some pieces from all the men’s blue shirts in your house?

  2. Katherine how big are those blocks? I'm partial to full sized quilts myself - I always love having one or two to cuddle under when I'm vegging out on the couch, and lap quilts just don't cut it :D However, the size as you've posted it looks like it would make a perfect wallhanging right where you have it now!

  3. I am sorry Katherine but you need more fabric....I don't like your option to border with other fabric/colors. I think you must go on in this way!!!

  4. made a quilt similiar look to this not long the layout............keep going...........

  5. Fantastic progress - this will make an awesome bed sized quilt. Love the colours!

  6. love the zigzags! I would keep going until I run out of fabric.

  7. Hello Katherine,

    Love the blue zig zag quilt just keep on piecing.
    happy days.

  8. So nice. I love it and I love the colors. It has a woven look to it.

  9. We are like-minded. I often tell my husband I don't have enough fabric and he scoffs at me. Sometimes you need a huge variety to make it work! I like it! I have been playing with half square triangles too. There are so many variations!


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