Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ready to Donate!

  Once I decided on the layout, the top for this quilt didn't take long for me to finish (you can see that layout #2 is what I went with - thanks to everyone that commented on their choice).

Making a backing for this quilt took me a little longer to finish.  I was determined that I would use whatever fabric I could from the quilt top, to come up with a backing.  It took me a fair bit of piecing, but I managed to come up with enough to fit my needs.  Whew.
The quilting, couldn't have been simpler.  Lots and lots of meandering (which is my default choice for easy machine quilting).  Since the quilt is for a child, I thought all that quilting would help it last through the many washings it's sure to receive.
 Keeping that in mind, I chose to machine stitch the binding down (which worked better than the first time I tried this) rather than hand stitching it as I usually do for my quilt bindings. A dotty binding always makes me smile!
That means this crazy, boldly coloured, completely made from my stash quilt, is ready to be donated to Quilts Recover.  I'm excited to think a child will soon call this their own and I'm happy that those orphan blocks from my stash have been put to such good use.
(Sorry, but our weather has turned dark and rainy, so getting decent photos of this quilt has been extra challenging - despite the fact that the colours in this quilt are super saturated!)  At least with weather like this, I don't feel a bit guilty staying inside to sew! ;o)


  1. WOooooooooohoooooooooo it's done and it's great, and some little one is going to be wrapped in a HUG soon! I think I'll try polka dot binding too - it looks fun!

  2. I really like how your backing turned out. I find that piecing leftovers takes a lot longer than I want it to, but it's time well spent!

  3. Oh Katherine, I love how this turned out. And the way you pieced the back makes it as pretty as the front.

  4. The colors are wonderful and the design it perfect.
    Also, you answered a question I had about what you did with all these wonderful quilts. You donate them! That is so generous of you. I would get so attached to all the work that I put into it that I don't know if I could part with them.
    The polka-dot binding is so charming. I can just see a child that needs comfort and warmth, getting a whole bunch of both while looking at the quilt.


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