Monday, August 29, 2011


This weekend brought some changes to my sewing space.  I've slowly been adding  shelving to make my supplies more accessible.  My goal has been to get all my fabric/yarn/embroidery/needlepoint/crochet and felting supplies out of the the huge plastic storage tubs ( can just catch a glimpse of the last 6 along the wall on the lower right).
Earlier this year, I picked up two wire shelving units secondhand, which meant some fabric was finally out of the tubs, then on Friday I found a pair of used IKEA cabinets for sale. Over the weekend I set about unpacking those 6 storage bins, to put everything into my new units.

 I was happy to find that it all fit - without an inch to spare, but it's now situated so I can more readily access everything I need.   Whew.  I had been looking and waiting to find something I could afford that would be more than a set of open shelves because I wanted my fabrics behind doors (protected from dust etc.).  I stacked all of my quilting cottons on the shelves behind the glass doors (where I can see them and be inspired) and the rest of my assorted fabric stash is nicely contained behind the solid lower doors in both cabinets.  Bonus - see the lights that sit atop the cabinets? I can use all the extra lighting available!
 If you're brave, click on the photo below and you will see details of my crazy stash.  (Husband has since commented that I'm more than halfway to owning a fabric store... in my defense, you know like he does, that a good portion of what you see is from those wonderful thrift sales I like to visit.  So, yes, there's a lot... but at least I didn't pay retail for all of what you see. :o)

 Another smaller, yet important change to my sewing space happened this weekend while I was working on a gift.  I was pressing a portion of a quilt block when I smelled something burning.
Turns out, it was my iron!  I quickly unplugged it before it got any worse, but it couldn't be saved.  A vintage iron I picked up at an estate sale (bought because it reminded me of the iron my great-grandmother had and taught me to press clothes with when I was a girl) came to my rescue.   For something so small, it certainly gets hot enough to take the wrinkles out of anything I've put it to work on.  I think it could even press the wrinkles from an elephant's hide - it gets that hot!
 Here's what I was piecing when my modern iron had its meltdown, a flannel doll quilt for my youngest niece.  The central part of this quit is from scraps, I used all I had of both fabrics, something that always makes me happy. 

 I'm hopeful that with a better set-up in my sewing room, that I will be even more productive.   For all the years I've sewn and had fabric, this is the first time it hasn't been kept in either a cardboard box or a huge storage tub.  This is also the first time all of my sewing needs are in one room - a room that is known as the sewing room.  It seems so amazing to have it.  As you can tell, I'm pretty excited about the new changes and hope to be more productive as a result of it.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Is it wrong that I want to run into your sewing studio and touch and fondle everything? It's all so colourful and enticing and FUN!

  2. P.S. - I'm dreadful with irons - I wear them out in a year or less - even the ones that cost $80 or $100 - I think I just over-use them, or else they're not built for serious pressing. I'm thinking about starting to buy them @ the thrift store because I'm getting tired of spending that kind of $$ on an appliance that won't last very long! And - is it my imagination, or do they just not get very hot any more? (Unlike crockpots, which now BOIL their contents!)

    I think I spend too much time thinking about my appliances :D

  3. Nice work! Your space looks great and I love those Ikea cabinets. Congratulations on a job well done. Does this mean you didn't lose power in the storm? We lost it Sat evening and it's still out and not expected back for days.

  4. Having a dedicated room and dedicated storage does make such a difference! I love your room!

  5. I love looking at other people's sewing dens, yours is all statched up with all sorts of crafty goodies!! Taking all the materials out is a great source of inspiration, no doubt your head is going to be buzzing with new ideas soon! (if it's not already lol)smile, Virginie

  6. WOW! That's great, it looks fantastic, Enjoy!

  7. I love your sewing space! So many fabrics to get inspired with. This is the first time I've visted your blog. And I really like it! Keep being awesome :)


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