Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A finish for "Through the Trees" quilt

I'm excited to share with you the finished results of the quilt made by Kate and myself to be donated to Quilts RecoverFYI, Kate has a tutorial over here so you can make your own "Through the Trees" quilt.

If you remember, Kate made the quilt top, mailed from it from Australia to my home in Canada, with my contribution to be adding batting, backing, quilting and then binding to make a quilt.   Choosing a neutral backing, I then free motion quilted the entire quilt, incorporating lots of leaves with some loop-de-loops and some wavy lines.  Leaves just seemed right for a quilt called "Through the Trees".

Then for the binding, I happened to find a lovely saturated brown fabric with ellipses printed on it in shades found in the fabric Kate used for her piecing.  I had envisioned a dark binding - but unbelievably, I had nothing in my stash that would work (they were all the wrong shade of brown! ;o).  A trip to a LQS over the weekend saved the day!  I think the dark brown works well in framing the quilt, so I'm quite pleased with it.

Making this quilt has been a wonderful experience, I have never partnered with anyone to make a quilt before, but I would happily do it again.

 It's really special knowing that our joint efforts have made a quilt that is one-of-a-kind and knowing that wherever this quilt may travel to next, someone is going to be wrapped in love.

Thanks so much Kate, for the pleasure of creating a beautiful quilt with you.  Now, I  just need to contact Cheryl, to hand over our donation in person!


  1. The quilt turned out beautiful. Great joint effort that someone is just going to love.

  2. Oh, that's gorgeous, Katherine! How fun to do a joint effort project.

  3. Fantastic! The brown binding is perfect, and I love that leaf quilting. It was wonderful seeing it all come together. Thanks so much for working with me on this. The wonders of the internet! I'm sure someone will just love it :)

  4. It is so fantastic that through the internet you too were connected and teamed up to do this. I love blogs!

  5. what a great cooperation! you finished the quilt beautifully, Katherine! good job!

  6. Such a pretty quilt I love it! Ugh- I haven't been around blogland lately so I feel I am missing out! Zoe just went back to school this morning so I am trying to catch up a bit! Are you on FB????


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