Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Little Blocks Rock!

After reworking my sewing room over the weekend, I came across some stored leftovers from this quilt and decided to add in some other bits  to make some little blocks.

  Each finished block is 5", so they're quick to piece and great for little oddments of fabric.  I'm thinking of making a sampler wall hanging from my little blocks.   It's time to make those scraps into something use able rather than keeping them in storage! ;o)

P.S.  Just a reminder for all you quilters out there, that today is giveaway day for you over at SewWeQuilt.   Go there now and enter to win some fabulous quilting tools and fabric.


  1. I am busy sorting in my sewing room. Collecting all the scraps together. I am looking forward to using them up!

  2. Thats a great idea! Little by little you can use a lot o scraps!

  3. Extra blocks have a lot of potention - they can make a lovely scrappy wallhanging or quilt ... they can be used to decorate an apron or tote bag or gift bag ... or a zipper bag ... or add borders to make a tablerunner ... the possibilities are almost limitless!


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