Friday, September 9, 2011

A little bit more...

or more "little bits".   I managed to find more background fabric at the store to add another row (or two!) to each side of my green scraps quilt.  Here's what I've laid out so far...

and here's what it looked like when *I thought * (insert snort of laughter on that declaration) I was done.
My husband thinks I should have 3 rows of "little bits" on each side of the quilt top after seeing the comparison (top photo... 3 rows shown on left side and with 2 rows on the right).  Three rows would mean a bit more piecing, but it would also mean using up more scraps.  Well, you know how I feel about using up scraps. ;o) So... I guess that means that after I vacuum up the latest crop of stray threads and fabric snips that trail through the house, I can get back to coating the floors with some fresh ones. hee hee

Sending you all wishes for a wonderful weekend.  Okay... I'm off to clean a little bit more before I get busy making more of a mess.


  1. I think he is right. I also ask my Thom's opinion when I hesitate!!

  2. This is quilt top is turning out so pretty. Adding those extra borders on each side is really making a difference.

  3. Very spectacular, i love this:)

  4. Love green - love this! Great border! Must remember that one!

  5. can you be my spoonser for wantobequilter? and my address is

  6. I agree with your hubby too, lol! I wouldn't ask mine for advice on anything quilty or crafty or sewy though - he'd answer anything just to shut me up, then he would offer me a trip to Buffalo to buy more fabric, LOL!!


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