Thursday, September 1, 2011

Using scraps

makes sense to me because I can take something like this...

to make this.
 I will admit, I also like to use my scrap bits of batting (all those pieces from making quilts really add up and I can't bear to throw them out!).  Although it's a bit like putting together a puzzle and may require some patience,
  after a simple zig zag stitch on my machine, those skinny strips become something larger.
I especially like using my scraps to make a unique backing for any of my quilting projects that I can.  This time around I didn't have much piecework to do because I had section of pieced backing left from making this quilt.  One seam later and I have something just right for finishing my Little Blocks project.
Please tell me that I'm not the only one that feels chuffed about using up my scraps.  Otherwise I'm going to take the 'raised eyebrow' look I get around here (when I start waxing on about how wonderful scraps are), as the sentiments of the majority.  Meaning:  I'm a bit of a weirdo.... ;o)


  1. Obviously you've never seen my friend Nancy and I, hit the remnant bin in EVERY FABRIC STORE we've ever been to. Those bits and pieces left over from previous projects and cuttings, are pure GOLD to us. When she comes to my house she goes through my scrap bin and nabs the pieces that catch her interest, and she saves me her scraps (and selvages! SCORE!) because she knows how much I love them :) So no, you're not the only one chuffed about using them - we're scraplovers here in Ontario too!!!

  2. I have been on a crusade to use my scraps too. Just finished a sampler quilt using mostly my red and blue scraps. It is fun to see what I can do with what I have on hand. My last couple of backs were made using pieces I had left over from other projects....yeah scraps!

  3. Your sewed yourself something good Katherine!

    Aren’t we all kind of wierdo’s? I save every scrap of fabric and batting, ribbons, buttons, fleece, felt, patterns, magazines and books. I never seem to make a real dent in my stash bins. I have too much projects going on that will fill the bins again.

    Happy weekend!

  4. NOpe,you're not a wierdo, how could you think that when you've made such a beautiful little quilt? I love the shot with the light coming through

  5. The picture with the light coming through it makes the quilt look like a stained glass window. Beautiful.

    I love scraps. When I think of quilting and where it all began- it began with scraps. I think that is the true origin of quilting. Sewing with scraps is wonderful. That is not to say I can not appreciate a quilt made with matchy-matchy fabrics because I love them too. But really scrap quilts , not to sound corny, warm the cockels of my heart. Whatever the heck that means. Now I must go look up that expression.

    So if you are a weirdo, which I dont think you are, I am right there with you!


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