Wednesday, September 21, 2011

When inspiration strikes...

I make a mess!  Here's the state of my sewing/cutting table at the moment.  It's a red fest. :o)   I pulled all my red fabrics from their shelf, then dumped out my container of red scraps and started playing.
 I attacked the scrappy pile first, selecting what I could use to make some 1 1/2" squares.  This is what started to appear on my portable design board (which is a fancy name for a piece of foam board with white flannel wrapped and taped onto it).   I find my little design board great for laying out small quilting projects.
 Pretty soon, all those little squares evolved into a scrappy 9 patch block, which I finished off by adding borders.  There's some treasured bits of fabric making up those tiny patches and it makes me so happy to see them made into something ( sigh...and now I feel less guilty about being a scrap hoarder conservationist ;o).
Funny, thing though, I didn't use up all those itty bitty scraps.  Surprisingly, it seems I still have some left.  Guess I have to keep making blocks.  Isn't that just terrible?!? (okay, okay, I admit, I can't keep a straight face saying that... bahahahahaha)...
See you later.  I'm going back to make a bigger mess.


  1. you are using your red scraps well!

  2. I love that term- scrap conservationist. My reds have been calling me too! Not yet though- too many irons in the fire.

  3. Scraps are the jewels of the sewing world - there are few things prettier than a pile of luscious scraps - YUM! I'm generally unable to cut into precuts, but scraps just call out to be used and admired! Did you know that they multiply like bunnies in the dark? That's why you can keep using them and never actually reach the bottom of the scrap bin, LOLLLLLL!

  4. I know it's going to be tough for you to keep making more blocks.... hee hee!

    Pretty colours... feels very autumny!

  5. Seriously good scrap hoard. I am jealous! And your red quilt is going to be lovely.

  6. It's a beautiful doll quilt. I love your reds......and how you used them in this block!!


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