Monday, October 31, 2011

Ghastlie Blog Hop - Day 6

Mad Mathilda, Bored Betty and Scary Mary want to welcome you to Day 6 of the Ghastlie Blog Hop

Hope you all had a chance to catch up on last week's Ghastlie stops on the blog hop because we're starting the second week.  Here's the list of links to my Ghastlie sistahs for today. 
 ON Monday October 31st
Day 6

Mrs Barb Ghastlie  * lost her power during snow storm
will keep you updated when it is back on...
Along with sharing wonderful, Ghastlie projects, if you comment on their blogs you will have a chance at today's  Grand Prize giveaway...
DAY 6 Giveaway 

2 sets of these candi lovely lights
( not edible, they do light up)
from one of our very own Mrs Nancy Ghastlie
Who won Friday's grand prizes?...
Congrats Manda and  Danelle 
4 Yards EACH of this GHASTLIE 
Collection from our sponsor
P.S.  I don't know about you, but this blog hop hasn't cured me of wanting to sew some more with the Ghastlies.  I hope to include a few more projects with you this week, even though my stop on the blog hop was last Thurs.   Fingers crossed that some of those other projects will be ready to share soon.   Meantime, go enjoy the inspiration you will see on my Ghastlie sistah's blogs, but I warn you, you may find yourself with Ghastlie fever. ;o)

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  1. I think, at the very least, I need to make a Ghastlies apron for myself for next year :D


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