Hammer toting and Day 9 of the Ghastlies Blog Hop

Just like Prudence Ghastlie, I've been toting around a hammer the past couple of days.  Probably not for the same reasons (if the look on Prudence's face is anything to go by...lol).  I've been on the jobsite with my husband as he finishes up some kitchen installations, finished carpentry tasks and other carpentry work.  As his "sometimes" assistant, I get to join him in the land of sawdust, paint fumes and power tools.  Quite a different environment than my usual. I come home looking like I've been rolled in sawdust and pulled backwards through a knot hole about 10 times, so I may resemble Prudence a bit afterall. lol
 My long preamble is my attempt to explain why I've been MIA around here, with no sewing finishes to share just yet.  I have been too knackered after days spent on the contruction site to do any stitching.  Forgive me.  Anyways,  I hope you're ready for the second to last day on the Ghastlie Blog hop!
ON Thursday November 3rd
Day 9

Mrs. Sharon Ghastlie ( has pc problems...may be back tomorrow)
Mrs Corrie Ghastlie

DAY 9 GiveawayS

WE will have 3 winners.
3 prizes..

Corrie @ Quilt Taffy is offering

yes yes yes $51.12 Gift Certificate
for one lucky Winner...

2nd prize......OH look a BEAM n READ,
Some Presencia threads
and is that, is it really
some Ghastlie coordinated buttons.
YES all 10 for YOU.

And 3rd winner will win 4 yds of assorted
Ghastlies Fabric from Alexander Henry Fabrics

Wow!  There's new Ghastlie sistahs to visit today and chances for 3 giveaway prizes as well.  Let's go blog hopping...
 I'll be back to hammer toting again tomorrow, but will get the link list up so you won't miss the last day of the hop, which is tomorrow.


  1. You're a woman of many talents - I can just picture you swinging a hammer and see the sawdust fly, LOL!

  2. Sometimes life just gets so hectic! The Ghastlies have been a lot of fun - I'm sorry you've been sidetracked. blessings, marlene


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