Quilt or Crochet?

My WIPs list has grown this past week.  The block tutorial started me back into stitching  scrappy bento box blocks. 
 It's as if these blocks hold some magical power though. Every time I stitch one, I immediately want to make another, just to see what it will look like.  Then another. 
Does that explain how I went from one to six?  I hadn't planned on that!

  Do I see if I have enough scraps for a quilt? 
 I can forget making more pillows from them.  I know more pillows would be overkill.... the living room is awash in pillows (and I'm hearing a few complaints from the menfolk about the burgeoning pillow population... lol).
  Forget about making more place mats,  I've already made them and even two table runners in scrappy red as well.   Hmmm...so I guess a quilt is the only logical choice.  ;o)

Coincidentally, I also have wandered into a crochet project.   Inspired by Laura's colourful crochet, I decided to treat myself to some colourful crochet threads.  I'm loving this project, but still have a ways to go before it's finished. 

Now I can't decide, should I quilt or crochet? ;o)


  1. To answer your question ...

    (both) (LOL!)


  2. Haha, I like Sandra's answer! Make a quilt, crochet some flowers, hey, add some of the flowers to your quilt!!

  3. Yes, I was going to say "both" too!

  4. love your crochet. and the scrappy bento is fabulous.

  5. I like to mix it up...sew for awhile and then sit down with a crochet project or some hand stitching! I love this pretty colors! ♥

  6. Both! Do both! In copious amounts! :-)


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