Sew Excited!

Having just finished up two weeks in the Ghastlie Blog Hop , I'm now leaping into more sewing adventures.  Have you heard about the Block Party for the month of November?

Well, believe it or not, I've been invited to guest post over at Sew We Quilt - Stash Manicure as a part of the Block Party.  Yeah, li'l ole me.  Even more staggering for me to comprehend, is that I'm the first guest and that means tomorrow. Tomorrow.  One sleep away... Eeep (she says in a high, squeaky voice... ;o) Now can you understand why I'm both excited and a wee bit nervous (must get over myself and not worry that I sound like an  The exciting and fun part is that I've written up a block tutorial from one of my favourite blocks to sew (can you guess what that block might be?).  Sharing it with you makes me happy and hopefully it will inspire you to sew some as well.  Will you come by and let me know what you think?   Thanks. I'd really, really appreciate your friendly support.


  1. Yes, I´m looking forward to your tutorial. And I haven´t any idea of the block you have chosen to show us.
    I´m so excited can´t wait until tomorrow

  2. Congrats! can't wait to see your tute!

  3. You'll do great -- looking forward to it! :)

  4. Congratulations "Madame" Author - I started following the other blog when the Ghastlies hop started, so I'll see your post when it comes up :D

  5. Now that is exciting... wishing you lots of fun and good success!

    Keep us posted......


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