Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cluck, cluck, snow and sew

I'm still playing catch up with you after the unplanned blog break I took.  Are you ready for some fabric eye candy???  Check out the gorgeous fat quarters, my new bloggy friend, Linda sent me.  These gorgeous hens are irresistible in their bright finery and I feel so spoiled with Linda's generous offer to share some with me.   They're all the way from New Zealand and are called Happy Hens (fabric for purchase can be found at Kiwiquilts).  Thank you so very much, Linda!  I think I've got a new addiction. lol These pretties are being petted and fawned over as I decide what I will fashion from them.  You've just given me another reason to love your beautiful country! ;o)

Here's some pieces of fabric eye candy from my stash that has me itching to stitch. Something. Now.  Snowflakes, stripes, polka dots and bright coloured mittens.  Okay, is anyone else starting to hear " These are a few of my favourite things" from the Sound of Music, like I am?... Bet you are now. ;o)

Something snow themed is on the cutting table, just waiting for me to get other projects completed first.  Obviously, fabric is one of my "favourite things".  What's yours?


  1. I have a yard of that mitten fabric. I'm looking forward to seeing what you make with yours.

  2. These are waaayyyy too cute.... are you sure you should be having that much fun in your sewing room.... (of course you should!)

    Those fat quarters are the golden egg of eye candy!

  3. Fabric fondling - I vote YES! Pretty fabrics - I'm looking forward to seeing what you create after you get finished playing with them, lol!

  4. I love the one with the gloves (do you say so?). It's too cute. sorry Kathrine for not being up to date to answer your comments. It's because of a cold. But now I'm back to blogging again.

  5. Hi
    Chooks (that's what we call chickens in NZ) looking very happy in their new home.


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