Monday, December 5, 2011

How did that happen?

Okay, so is it just me or is anyone else wondering how the days seem to be passing so fast?  Seriously, the past couple of weeks have been a blur... with little or no time for blogging and keeping up with everyone online.  I did not expect that to happen, otherwise I would've mentioned that I'd be taking a blog break! lol
Back on track, with things to share with you, here's a peek at my crochet project progress.  The next step will be blocking and then I will be able to join all my motifs together. Fingers crossed that I will finish it all by the end of the week!

Next up, I want to show you the lovely parcel of handmade goodness I received from my sweet bloggy friend, Wendy.   Awhile back, when I asked her if I could send her a little something to cheer her up, she agreed... only if I would accept a parcel from her in return.    Ha!  As if I would say "no" to such a thing as a gift from her talented hands. ;o) 
Look at the pretty sewing set she made for me...

 this charming little heart is meant to be a pincushion, but I like it too much to stick it with pins.  I'm going to add a ribbon to it so I can hang it in my sewing room.
 ... then there's this prettily embroidered button bag...  totally gorgeous work, Wendy!!
 and no sewing set would be complete without a needle case, just look at the pages of this beauty!
 Keeping it all organized and looking fabulous while doing it, is a yummy fabric tray.  Oh, my!  Wendy knows me well, doesn't she?  I'm crazy about red and aqua blue together and her gifts will be happily at home in my sewing room.  I smile every time I look at her thoughtful gifts.
 Did I mention that Wendy is talented, not only with her sewing but many other needle arts plus, she crafts beautiful cards.  Yes, my friend spoiled me ( and I'll never complain over that ;o).
 Thank you ever so much, Wendy.  I'm tickled with pleasure over your beautiful gifts - you definitely added some extra special Bliss to my day month.
Want to hear the funny part about our swap?  Without planning it, we made each other needle books from the same pattern!  The pattern is from the inspiring book, Sew Pretty Homestyle .  It's such a favourite and a darling design, that I keep returning to it.  Wendy made one for me from Bliss (a fabric line that I adore and and I made her this  modern looking one,  complete with a snap that looks like a button, shown next to the scrappy pincushion (from a pattern in Last Minute Patchwork Gifts.)

 I had fun making these gifts to cheer Wendy (if you're curious to see what else I tucked into her parcel, go here to see).
What a joy it is to make friends with someone as lovely and generous as Wendy, and better yet to get to swap a little handmade love to brighten one another's day!


  1. Lucky you two! Swaps are fun! Specially when it is for a friend!

  2. What gorgeous gifts...sent and received.
    I love both the red/aqua and the green/aqua color combos and from 2 very talented sewists, how could you go wrong? :-)

    BTW, I'm fairly certain that my November this year was short by at least a week and a half. Not sure where those 10-11 days went, but I hope I get them back. LOL

    Happy sewing, Katherine!

  3. Lovely swap you have here! I am sure the shorten days much have to do with the shorten daylights and the cold! I hope to get much done the I can focus on my school work! Happy sewing! I'd love learn how to knit or crochet someday. I am always amazing by talented people how knit, sew, and crochet!


  4. Welcome back! I saw the photos on Wendy's blog of the gift she made, but didn't know it was for you, lol!

  5. LOvely presents you have got and made!!!I love those chrchet flowers.
    Did yous ee the Suebonnet Sue crochet around the hankie , in my post about Suebonnet Sue is a link to the pattern.

  6. Wonderful swap, you have got and made lovely things! enjoy!

  7. Oh what a lovely post, you brought a tear to my eye! I'm glad to have made bloggy friends with you too and I LOVE my gifts from you, the pincushion is the best thing ever (except when I drop it on my foot - I've done it twice now! But I'm not blaming you, or the pincushion for that!!).

    I see Sandra didn't realise the gifts were for you? I thought I'd linked, I'm really sorry if I didn't, I'll go and fix it now.

    thank you again my friend, I LOVED my parcel xx


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