Wednesday, December 21, 2011

More Sparkle

After sharing the snowflake cushion I designed and made for myself, I received a flattering inquiry.  My lovely friend, Brenda wanted to know if I could sew one for her to add some seasonal cheer to her decor.  Really?!?  Oh, yes!  Me being me, I wanted to know what colours she had in the room, so I could customize the palette in making her cushion.  Here's a snowflake cushion cover for Brenda...

complete with it's own vintage button, red pom-pom fringe, colourful patchwork
and free motion quilted in metallic silver on the blue background with some sequins and beads added ( because we're after the look of the sparkle of falling snow in this design ;o).

Those swirling and whirling quilting stitches were a lot of fun to sew!

I used some of the same fabrics in this patchwork as I had in my own sparkle snowflake cushion, but I also tried adding in some yellow and yellow-greens to customize this for Brenda.  Look at the fun print I found to make the cushion back!  It had all the colours I was looking for and it helped guide my fabric choices for the cushion front.  The linear print even hides the fact that there's a zipper!

Thanks, Brenda, for giving me the opportunity to create something one-of-a-kind for you (and for being the easiest customer to work with... evah! ;o). I hope it will add some "sparkle" in your home for many years to come.


  1. Gorgeous, Katherine!! And I know personally (lucky me!) that it is always a special treasure to have something hand made by You.

  2. A wonderful pillow!

  3. Oh how lovely! It's always really special when someone asks you to make something, isn't it?

  4. Gorgeous cushion, love the pompoms.
    Have a very merry christmas


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