Monday, December 12, 2011

When it's good, why stop?

You know I'm talking about sewing, right? :o)  Being very pleased with the colours combined to make my Sparkly Snowflake cushion, I couldn't resist some more patchwork using those same fabrics.

 I didn't stop there. Inspired by a good snowfall over the weekend, I thought adding a couple of snowmen seemed fitting.  So, I've been doing some more machine applique work.   So far, I've managed to stitch up two happy, matching, mirror image fellows.

Now to find them some button eyes and trimmings!

I'm off to go dig through my button collection, while I admire the pretty looking fresh snow from a cozy spot indoors.   Brrrrr...

Silly me, to keep coming up with more projects when I still have a size able sewing list needing my attention.   Truth be told, I wouldn't want it any other way!  Hope you're all making headway to any gift making you have in the works.  The countdown is definitely on.  I'm still hoping to have a couple of easy to make projects to share with you soon.  I wouldn' want you to run out of ideas of things to sew, now would I? ;o)


  1. Now isn't he sprightly!

    And yes.... don't stop when you're on a roll.... we love seeing what's coming from your creative room next!

  2. What's glittering on his lovely fat belly??!! I want to poke him with a finger - he looks like a big fresh marshmallow!

    Not done Christmas sewing yet - heck no! But everything now is "local" so it's not as stressful as having to get things ready to mail, lol. I did mail my last package today, so that's a big relief! Still have some cards to go out, but they're always quicker than the parcels :D

  3. They're "sew" sweet, Katherine.

    A snowfall sounds lovely...if you've nowhere you have to go, that is. Hope you're all enjoying it. I'm busy with gift knitting here so far, not much sewing yet...lots of baking though - even make treats for the dog today.

  4. roll those guys over to my house. I promise they will fit right in with all my other rollie pollie snowmen!!

  5. loving these color combos! I really need to get a move on gift making! I just started a quilt for my nephew, i need to make one for my niece, I just ORDERED the fabric for my daughter's gift, And i haven't decided yet what to make for my son. I'm usually much more organized!

  6. Both pillows are wonderful. I still can't figure how you get it all done. I decide to make something for Christmas and then I burden my self with the project. You are so light hearted about it! Maybe a little envious about all your energy? Sure thing!
    Merry Christmas!!!!


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