Thursday, December 8, 2011

Working with what I have

to make the scrappy bento box quilt, meant some stash shopping for the backing. Originally, I thought I would use this plaid fabric I scored at the Unused Fabric and Crafts Sale to sew a shirt for my son.  The fact that I had paid $2 for 92" of it and that it was red, changed my mind.  A quilt back it is. Sorry, son.  Quilt making comes first. Shirtmaking.... well, let's just say it's not at the top of my sewing list right now.

Even with a fair piece of the plaid to work with, it wasn't quite large enough for the whole backing to be made from it.  Time for some creative piecing, right?  I made a few more Bento box blocks, made some half blocks and even threw in the block I made for a sample in the block tutorial I wrote a month ago.  Waste not, want not! ;o)

I think it works.  In a crazy-one-of-a-kind sort of way.   Just the sort of thing I like, because along with taking pleasure in creating, I do love using what I have on hand and being pleasantly surprised with the unique results.


  1. What a very good idea, looks great. You are right even the smallest piece as to be used . I also love it that way!!!!

  2. Scrappy is gorgeous, earth friendly, wallet friendly and stash bustery so your "design decision (!)" is a winner on all counts!

  3. I love pieced backs. Yours looks great!!

  4. The blocks look fabolous on the back! I love to use what there is left too, it makes so much sense!

  5. Its beautiful!
    I love the off center design and of course, your fabric choices are perfect as always...gotta love a pretty plaid. :-)



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