Friday, January 20, 2012


Milestone day here... my eldest son is 20 today.   I'm not sure how that is possible, but it's exciting, wonderful and heart squeezing-ly true.  Amidst the cake baking and other celebratory stuff, I have a feeling that I'm going to be a bit misty-eyed as I  reminisce over those 20 years with the young man that changed my life 2 decades ago and then I will think of all that lies ahead for him.

 Sometimes, I like to joke that we've grown up together, because with a firstborn,  everything is new and we're learning the ropes together as parent and child.  I know it's been said by many others and those more eloquent than I, but it truly it is amazing that once you become a mom, it changes everything... from the way you look and think, to the extraordinary way you feel.  I did not know just how much love my heart could hold.  Now I know and I cherish the blessings that come with the gifts children are.

Okay, I'll leave the rest of my mushy Mom thoughts to scribble in his card (he's bound to give an awkward, semi embarrassed eye roll over that... but I know being told everyday that you are loved, is never too much).   When he was little, I would say that in order to grow up big and strong, he had to have lots of hugs and "I love yous".   Today, I can tell him that it worked. ;o)

The birthday boy (wearing a shirt I made especially for him... yes that should identify him as the plaid quilt loving son), hard at work fashioning a knife of his own design, from an worn metal file.


  1. nice post. happy birthday to your son. i see he's a 'maker' like his mom.

  2. Wow! Happy Birthday, big guy. I remember him small and blond... I love seeing the wonderful adults they become.

  3. :))))

    Congratulations Katherine!

    We never know how it is possible such milestone days come to our lives - last December my eldest son celebrated his 40 birthday!!! Is it possible??? Yes it is and so good to be here to celebrate all together isn´t it?
    Have a wonderful day! xx

  4. Congratulations Katherine. You are such a proud mum.... I have no children of my own, but when Thom's chil dren and grandchildren are here or I am at their house I enjoy it a lot; And seing him as a proud and happy grandfather means also a lot to me.
    Happy birthday my friend!!!!!

  5. Milestone for Mum and Son both! Happy birthday to both of you!
    A lovely post, Katherine.xx

  6. Wow! Time does fly. I also have one turning the big 2-0 this year. My fifth, Molly, will be 20 in April. It was a good year!

  7. oh please give him a HUGE birthday hug from all of us! what a special day. we think of you all often and wonder how you're doing. i'll give you a call soon and catch up:-) xoxoxo

  8. Boy children bring a whole different learning to having children. I enjoyed every moment! Even the hard ones.
    Happy Birthday to your son and you!

  9. I was telling the boys it was J's b-day the other day and then remembering that he was 8, G was 5, W was 4 and E was a babe when I first met you. Bah...where did the years go???

    I hope he had a wonderful day. And I hope you were able to enjoy it being a very special anniversary for you too - two decades since you became a mama!!!

  10. Happy Belated birthday! I hope it was a wonderful day! Wow.. {double ten} you must be a very proud mama!

  11. Oh my gosh! I nearly fell out of my chair when I read that J was 20! In my head, he's still the young teenager doing his TKD patterns and collecting spiders. I'm a little late here, but please wish him a very happy birthday from us!!

    p.s. Great plaid shirt! I see some things never change :-)


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