Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's like eating salsa and chips...

when I decide to use scraps for a project.  I always wonder which will happen first... will I run out of scraps  before finishing my project or will my project leave me with more scraps.  Not that it will stop me from going ahead... which is why it's like eating salsa and chips.  I never seem to be able to balance it out so I have just the right amount of salsa to go with the right amount of chips.  One or the other always ends up gone... leaving me with leftovers of one or the other... I never can get the two equally matched. ;o)  That strange lead in is my silly way of explaining my current project conundrum.   My granny square crochet project worked out as far as using up the short bits of bright yarn I had in my stash...

but I ended up only having a enough cream yarn to join this set and...

this set of motifs before I ran out.  I had about 10" of cream yarn leftover which was obviously not enough for me to finish my project.  Argh.  The whole idea behind this project was to use my yarn stash... not to have me dashing out to buy more!

My plan for making a scrappy yarn pillow, edged in cream, may have to wait until I make more of a dent in my yarn stash.  Otherwise, I won't have space to store the leftovers I will have from this project. ;o)

Which reminds me... I've got lots of homemade salsa, can anyone bring the chips?  I promise I'll share.


  1. It's hot doags in our house. We can never match the buns and the sausages. Could you possibly just buy one more ball of cream? Or would that be too much of a leftover? You could always donate the leftover to the Salvos. I love buying crafty bits from them! It might be just the bit someone else needs!

  2. I've always wanted to try crocheting these granny patches. Yours are gorgeous. I love the contrasting colors! Oh, and I would LOVE to stop by for some homemade salsa! (In my dreams!) Miss you! xo


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