Monday, January 30, 2012

Simply Gorgeous Day

Mother Nature has gifted us with a mild winter this year (the past few days especially), so I took the opportunity to head out of doors to see if I could  capture some better pictures of some of my quilts.  Nothing beats natural lighting, right? On our walk home, I couldn't resist looking at the sky and admiring the winter blue, with the bright slice of moon showing.

I love the contrast in colour that the winter months bring.  The palette of this season can seem stark at times, but then there's something so pure about it.  Softer, somehow.  Clear and clean.  Beautiful.

Back indoors, I'm slowly working away on a new piece of bright patchwork.  I had hopes of being nearly completed, but somehow this weekend I got caught up in other things first and today I'm thankful to have spent some time soaking up the beauty in a simply gorgeous day.

Wishing you a week of gorgeous days!  Happy sewing....


  1. We are having a beautiful day here too. It is cloudy and gloomy. My favourite kind of day! Can't stand all that glarey sun!!!

  2. I'm quite happy about the warmer than average (and less snowy than normal) weather we've had so far this winter - I could get to like this a LOT, lol!

    Sweet red and pink ... I'm going to say quilt because it looks bigger than a pillow - keep posting peeks, lol!

  3. Last night we had our first snow, extremely late this winter. BRRRRRRRRRRRRR it's cold!!!!! Your pictures are beautiful

  4. Lovely photos! We really have Winter here to stay! It‘s freezing cold and us Dutchies get crazy, because when the ponds and lakes gets frozen, we want to go ice-skating!

    Love the red and pink zig-zaggers!


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