Monday, January 16, 2012

Warm Colours on a Cold Day

Cold winter temperatures arrived overnight on Sunday, along with lots of frost on the windows and powdery snowfall dusting the frigid landscape of winter.  It will be a least -30 Celsius tonight and not much warmer than that tomorrow.  Kind of hard to be excited about temperatures that cold!  Is it any wonder then, that I found myself seeking solace in  some pretty fabric?  I know, I know, I'll use any excuse to explain my fabric obsession. ;o)  Tell me though, don't you feel better when you see the warm and sunny brightness of orange fabric?

I will admit that this colour has slowly started to win me over, perhaps in part because I've been on a mission to collect orange fabrics to make a quilt for my husband.  Orange is his favourite colour and I thought a quilt of his own would be mighty nice when he's at his desk (in our home office).  It's amazing how cold you get sitting in front of the computer.  Orange not being my favourite colour, meant that it was basically non-existent in my stash.  What's a girl to do?! ;o)  I think you know.  Well, it was only a simple matter of patience, as I started gathering what I needed and (thanks to some New Year's specials) I'm really excited to also be trying out some Kona solids for the first time.  Look at the lovely bundle of FQs I bought on sale from Pink Chalk Fabrics!

Here's the newest fabric delights, along with some Heirloom FQs I scored a few months back. I think I've got the beginnings of quilt that will bring a little warmth and sunshine and help me ignore the deep freeze climate outside my sewing room windows. 


  1. Oh Katherine that Kona bundle is so beautiful, look at your last picture together with the others, a great WOW. But I always loved the colorrange red/orange.
    If your husband don't like it you can send it to me.....(lol)

  2. You know me and orange don’t you? So warm and friendly and tangerine is THE colour for 2012! Love those solids and prints!
    So nice that you will make the husband a quilt! Tell him he has a great taste in colour!

  3. -30C! I so do not know how to do a Canadian winter any more!! Love the oranges. Maybe you will grow to love them with the making of this quilt.

  4. um.. We have -8F in this morning! It is just bitterly cold and hard to breath! We are suppose to get more snow later this week, but not as much as last winter.

    I love the fabrics in the first photos! It just so sweet and remind me of the summer season back home!

  5. Orange is so much fun and a warm colour is just what we need. I really don't want to go out and see if my van starts. somehow I didn't get the coveted spot in the garage last night. Got to get the youngest to school and then that is it not going out's a sew day!!


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