Saturday, February 25, 2012

Trying something new

Part of this week has been spent sketching out ideas that I want to sew, along with working on some patterns (and free tutorial ideas) that I want to be able to share with you soon.  Now if only my sewing speed was faster!  Proto-types and proof reading take time,  but I'm making progress and being patient with myself.  I did manage to transform one of my sketches into a little something.  I'm rather excited because it meant pushing myself to explore working with more solid coloured fabrics in my creations.

  Solid fabric has such impact and I've been enticed by the lovely range of colours now available. It is funny, that I consider it an adventure working with solids because for many years I mainly sewed solids, having been raised with the ideals that you can't combine more than 2 prints together.  Hence, that left me using solids with  maybe two prints total.  Prints combined without a solid to "tie them together" was viewed as a "no, no" in my household (thanks, mom! ;o).   Now, if you've been through my blog at all, it's obvious, I'm long past that belief!!  The more prints the merrier, I say, but since I've been bitten by the quilting bug, I've become so comfortable  combining prints  and have overlooked using solids in my projects for anything more than an backdrop.  It's time I put those solids on center stage!

I haven't gotten so far as to drop the prints altogether, but I'm dipping my toes into making more use of solids in this recent design.   I have a bit more tweaking to do to it, but have high hopes for it.  Hopes that include making this simple design into a tutorial I can share with you.  I am wondering what are your feelings for sewing with solid fabrics?   Are you really adept at it and use lots of solids or are you a bit like me and just experimenting?   Which are you more drawn to ... solids or prints?

While you're thinking about that, I have to show what landed in my mailbox at the end of this week.  I received this gorgeous and inspiring magazine as a prize from the talented Brigitte,  all the way from Germany.  I have been poring over this magazine and admiring the gorgeous projects and inspiring showcase of quilts from cover to cover!  Thanks again, Brigitte.

  Perhaps you don't know her, but let me tell you, Brigitte is a very talented designer and quilter.  I first discovered her after I stumbled across photos of her booth at Quilt Market last year.  I fell in love with what I saw.  She has an incredible aesthetic when it comes to colour (fabulous use of solids) and elegant, clean designs.  No wonder  that she  has two features in this very magazine.  One shows her lovely  studio in her home (there she is, below... hello, Brigitte!).

The second  is for a  Zen Chic project - a beautiful table runner that Brigitte designed. Can I tell you how much I love her brand, Zen Chic!

  I want to encourage you to go visit Brigitte at her blog, Farbstoff.  You will be inspired, I promise.  One of the regular features she blogs about is choosing colours.  She puts together the most gorgeous palettes, selecting her colours based upon an image of something in nature or even in the man-made world.   Brigitte also has an online shop with modern designer fabrics, here along with patterns and kits you can purchase.   Happy Sewing!


  1. I'm definitely drawn more to prints than to solids - solids always remind me of horrible thin broadcloth type fabric, which was what I used to buy when my kids were little (and money was tight) - I think it was something like $2/metre but frequently went on sale. You could read a newspaper through it - no wonder it was so darn cheap! Also -- prints hide a lot of sewing booboos, LOL!

  2. I love prints but sometimes when you use too much, the project looks busy...know what I mean? To me, solids balance out the overall design and color scheme in certain projects. So for me, it all depends on the project and the print fabric I am using. I will say that using all solids makes the project look boring. :) Gotta have a print in there somewhere!


  3. I'm so far sticking with prints. I've not seen too much done with solids that really excites me. But I think a mix works if the balance works. I think solids has become a fad and I've never followed a fad. I still can't figure out the attraction to gray or how it brightens colors...another fad. I must be the token rebel sewer. What you're working on does look interesting tho.

  4. Hi Kathrine! Thank you for introducing Birgitte Heitland to us! You are right - she is very talented with colours and I love colours! I enjoy working with both, prints and solids and I have seen really amazing quilts with solids.
    Thank you for inspiration!
    I wish you sunny day! x Teje

  5. Hey Katherine, glad to see you using solids! Your block is beautiful! I love the purple with the orange.\
    I think you know how much i love solids. bold saturated colors! Working with solids allows quilts to be bright and beautiful while still remain easy on the eyes. I now have more solids in my stash than I do prints (same goes for my wardrobe).
    Can't wait to see more form you.

  6. I loved the print fabric with the bicycles on teh magazine cover so much....i went out and bought some. Curious to see how it looks on the overall quilt they made. Love the colours. Hoping to make something for my son:)


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