Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Scrapbusting with Granny

A few days ago, I mentioned that I finally succumbed to the Granny Square quilt block craze.  Little did I know just how much fun I would have grabbing my smallest treasured scraps or how happy it would make me to see them sewn into colourful blocks

This is one of my favourites.  Check out those tiny ladybugs!  Each square finishes at 1" - meaning I am finally using some of the tiniest hoarded scraps I have.  Just proves no scrap is too small to use. ;o)  oh, my!

Granny blocks are in progress on my portable design board,

they are also gathering on my large design board... here...

and here....

The first handful have actually been stitched together with white sashing (also from my scrap bin). 

I thought my Granny making would have to stop because I believed I was completely out of  the white scraps I needed for sashing and backgrounds.  How lovely to discover more of these leftovers (the long skinny cutoffs from quilt backs) that will allow me to finish some more blocks!  Go, Granny, go! ;o)

My Granny making forays are keeping my hands busy while I await the arrival of some solids I've ordered for my project for Sew into Solids.    Granny making is keeping me happy.  Scrapbusting never looked so good! ;o)

P.S.  You're welcome to join Jane and I in the weeks ahead as we explore sewing with solids.  Click here  and here to read more and grab a Sew into Solids button to add to your blog.  Click here to join our Flickr group.


  1. ROTFL I wasn't really paying attention to the posts coming up on my reader - I was kind of just poking through the pictures to see what would catch my eye ... all of a sudden I had a feeling of deja vu and thought ... Wait a second, I recognize a few of those fabrics! I scrolled back and realized that yup, the post is yours, LOL! Those are really sweet little blocks - I would be on tenterhooks trying to ensure that my stitching was accurate on those tiny little squares!

  2. Your tiny little squares are amazing. I cannot even imagine sewing these. It must be like making Barbie doll clothes! Happy stitching...

  3. Love that last photo, the colours are so bright and cheery. Fun to look at so many different patterns in a small space.

    Loving above comment - I've seen the detailed amazing Barbie clothes you make and was gobsmacked by your patience for tiny details.


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