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Sew into Solids

Sew into Solids

A few weeks ago, in reply to a lovely comment my friend Jane left on one of my posts, I responded with, "Thanks, Jane.  I can hardly believe that it's taken me this long to get into using some kona solids.  Wow.  They're so lovely to work with.  One of these days, I'll get really brave and make a whole quilt using nothing but solids.... ;o)"

when Jane replied, "I keep saying that too, but it hasn't happened yet..." ... an idea was born.  

 What if we teamed up to encourage and motivate one another to take the plunge and sew a quilt with only solids?  What if we're not the only ones that want to work with solids but have been hesitating?  Wouldn't it be fun to organize an online group as a way of inspiring and motivating ourselves and others to work with only solids? 

  Several emails later...  Jane and I have put together our ideas and are ready to share with you.   We've named our group "Sew into Solids" and would love to have you join us over the next several weeks as we work our way through tackling solids - from choosing a palette, then a pattern, to sharing with each other  what we make (we have a  Sew into Solids Flickr group you can join  and will also be hosting some link-up parties so we can see what everyone is making).

Here's our mission statement for the group:
"Sew into Solids" is a group of like-minded quilters and sewists who want the challenge of sewing a quilt or project in only solid fabrics, but may not know where to start. 

The group is meant to inspire you and give you goals so you have continued support and inspiration whilst making your creation.  Over the next 6 - 8 weeks you'll be asked to post any progress and either post pictures on flickr or join the link-up parties hosted by Jane and Katherine.  Follow us at your own pace and choose to jump in as you please. We just want this to be fun!

Sew let's help each other and get ready to have some fun because we're "Sew into Solids".  

  I hope that sparks your interest and if it does,  you may grab the button below and paste it on your blog and spread the word.  The more of us taking part, the more fun we will have!

Sew into Solids

<div align="center"><a href="" title="Sew into Solids"><img src="" alt="Sew into Solids" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

 To kick things off, I thought I'd get your creative juices stirred up by showing you collections of beautiful quilts made from only solids.  Below each mosaic you will find the links to the creators of each quilt, please click them to see more and to discover what other projects these individuals have made using solids.  I can't help but be inspired when I look at the variety in design and colour.  Solids are anything but boring!  Of course this is but a small sampling of what's out there, but it's a start and that's what today is all about.  Getting you started in thinking about the possibilities sewing with solids....  Are you feeling inspired, yet?

  ** Just wanted to point out that the quilt in the bottom right corner of the first mosaic is available as a free pattern, if you're wanting to make your own.  Also, quilts designed by my friend Cinzia (featured in top right in first mosaic and top left in second mosaic) are sold in her online shop.**
1. Rainbow Mug Rug, 2. IMG_1387, 3. Simple FABRIC+PATTERN+QUILTING, 4. Martinas Puzzle Box Quilt Along
1. IMG_2701, 2. plain spoken quilt, 3. Bright Stripes, 4. Imperfection_1, 5. doll quilt swap quilt, 6. Kandinsky Quilt, 7. Big Zig, 8. DQS9 - Done!

Now that I've got you thinking about sewing with solids... mmmm... all those gorgeous colours... I bet you would like some help in determining what colours to use.  Where do you start?  There's so many choices.  Don't worry, help is just a click away... That's where Jane comes in!  She has gathered exactly what you need to get you started and on your way in choosing colours for your solids only project(s). 

 Please visit her blog,  Sew Create It to find out more...

Before you visit Jane, don't forget to grab our button to add to your blog's sidebar and be sure to join our Flickr group.  It would be great, once you join, if you'd introduce yourself there.  

 That's Week 1!
Week  2: everyone will begin to share their own ideas for design and colour choices - so we will have a link-up party. There's more to come in the weeks ahead, but let's keep it simple and focus on the first two weeks, okay? ;o) 
  We're hoping you'll be Sew into Solids and will join us because we look forward to having fun together!


  1. I recently received a box of Oakshott cottons from my husband and I have been lovingly stroking them, now is the perfect oportunity to get them out and start cutting into them. Thank you for the incentive.

  2. You two are fabulous. Great idea and I hope lots join in.

  3. That is so great idea and sounds so much fun! Unfortunately I can't join you this time, but I will follow your every step!
    x Teje

  4. Unfortunately I have not found that projects using all solids are very appealing to me. So, although I won't be joining in, I will be watching this venture to see if you all can change me mind. No pressure!

  5. Great idea and love the inspriational quilts!

  6. Sounds like fun. I'm in the process of making an Amish sampler right now.

  7. I'm already working on an all solids project and have a couple more planned. Can I still join in?

  8. Wonderful idea! I myself love to work with solids and for me it's much easier than getting prints perfectly together. Your inspirational gallery gets lot of us started.

  9. I'm definately joining this one! Thanks for including me in your mosaics. Don't you just love all that color!! It makes me so happy!

  10. This will be a great motivation for me so I'll be joining you - just hope I can keep up :) Thanks.

  11. I think I love the plain spoken quilt the best! Simple....but striking!


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