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Wednesday, already?  It's the middle of the week and I'm up to my ears in WIPS at the moment. Not that I'm complaining -  I couldn't be happier to be spending this week at home ( meaning: mostly in my sewing room! I do need to de-thread the house though... all that time in my sewing room leaves evidence everywhere else... but I'd rather be creating than cleaning, so I guess the dust bunnies will get to grow a little bigger ).  Since I'm ignoring those dust bunnies (temporarily) maybe it's a good time to show a peek at some of the things happening behind the scenes here.

First off, I'm cutting blue fabrics as quick as I can for my Sew into Solids quilt.

As you can see, I'm dividing the values into three groups.  Hoping this will help with piecing!
 The next project I'm quite excited to get back to working on is the one using those scrappy granny square blocks I made.  I was waiting for my order of white to come in so that I could sew sashing around them.  The fabric arrived and after a late night session of sewing, I have my grannies sashed and bordered.
Keeping it real.This is the view that greets me when I walk into my sewing room.  My poor design board is covered in layers of WIPS.  I think I need to rename it the "waiting board" as this seems to be where quilt blocks or flimsies reside when they can't be finished until I either  a) re-work the design or b) find more material to finish said project.  The one thing about this view is that I have a constant reminder of what needs finishing.  My sons say it's fabric archaeology. Notice they didn't say it was like fabric archiving.  No, they associate it with something that's been dead for years. Ahem.  I'm not THAT bad at finishing projects! LOL 

Please keep your eyes on the background of bright blocks and avert your eyes from the nasty looking cover on my ironing board.  I swear I made that cover new less than a year ago!  You'd get the impression that I do a lot of ironing... but rest assured, it's not clothes I'm pressing (note the stack of awaiting FQs looking for a press?)  As for clothes? If it ain't wash and wear, it is worn wrinkly. ;o)  I'm too busy pressing fabric to iron clothes! lol

Today is the final day of the

I hope you've been hopping along each day with us.  Today's line-up of talent is sure to inspire you...

Wednesday April 25th
Shanna moved from earlier in the week..
Marnie ( no show)

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  1. I am loving the view and I never look at naked ironing boards - they need to be constantly clothed in yummy blocks so you don't see the cover!

  2. I love the idea of a WIP board...does keep it real for sure and reminds you of what's on the go. Most of my stuff is in boxes and it's forgotten about for many many me that is not a good system.


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