Thursday, April 12, 2012

In the pink

Since my post on Monday, I've made some progress on the blocks I've been piecing using only solids (can you hear me cheering?! lol ).  This will be just one of the projects I'm tackling for Sew into Solids.   I've decided to make quilted cushion covers from these new blocks.  It seems perfect timing to add something "spring-ish" in colour to the living room.  Especially as it's snowing as if it's the middle of winter, at the moment.

I'm "in the pink" over the success I feel with these blocks rather than
 "feeling blue" with disappointment having fabric ordered for my quilt seemingly disappear in the postal system.  I'm ever hopeful that those lovely blue fabrics will still find their way to me.  Anyways, take a look at what I came up with using a range of pink solids....

Wow.  To think it started with a few free cut blocks like this,

and this one.

I decided that I would cut those blocks up a bit and rearrange their pieces.  That's how Block #1 came into being and with the leftovers and another round of piecing,  I came up with Block #2 ( shown below).  I really like the randomness of these blocks.  Oh, and the colour.  Boy, do I like the warmth all the pinks combined exude.     Has me wondering why I never ventured into sewing with solids on their own before....


  1. Katherine, I can certainly see why you would be pleased with these. I like them as well, and I don't often see strictly solid creations that I like. They usually seem to be lacking in impact. I indeed see some impact with these blocks!

  2. Very nice indeed!! These will be amazing cushion covers.

  3. They really look cool the way you cut them up and put them back together.

  4. LOVING it!

    And I just thought you'd like to know, I bought more quilt batting today (25% off sale at my local). So I guess I'll have to make another quilt....

  5. This is looking wowwy! You are on to a winner with this one :o)

  6. Hi Kathrine! Your pinks and reds are so beautiful and you made lovely 'mix' with them! I haven't worked also much with only solids, but they can be really wonderful! You are going to have great pillows for the summer!x Teje
    Ps. How bad you haven't received your blues! Hopefully they find you soon!

  7. Those cushion covers are going to be beautiful, and I know you need some as you don't have any ;0)

  8. I do love the color combination and what you did with it. I did not feel up to combine colors and have it come out as subtle as you have, so I have never done it.
    But maybe you are giving me courage!


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