More fun as we Sew into Solids Week #7

It's a new week and it's time to share progress for Sew into Solids.  Happy to report, I've got a new finish!  It's is my second cushion cover made from those blocks I showed here.  I intentionally gave each cover a different look - in terms of the layout of the pieces and in the quilting.

This time around, I opted for the texture of free motion quilted "curlicues", which resemble waves or the letter "s".  However you describe them, I will say they are very fun to quilt!
The same fabrics were used to make both cushion covers, from front to back and including the binding.  I love the light pink binding against that orchid pink of the backs.

Notice how different the finish is to each cover due to the quilting?  Makes my mind race with endless ideas for exploring other quilting designs and pillows are quick project to try them on....

Thought I'd share a daylight shot of the first solids only project I've ever made. Nothing like natural lighting to show off the beauty of those pinks!

Now that I've made my cushion covers and the rest of my blue fabrics (finally! ;o) have arrived, I'm underway with cutting strips for my solids quilt.  My plan is to get going on some block making this week as I'm quite behind where I'd hoped to be at this point (thanks to the huge delay in my fabric arriving).  I need to get cracking! ;o)

I wonder how Jane's week went....

and how about YOU?  How's progress coming with your own Sew into Solids projects?  Any finishes out there?  I know Cinzia is close to finishing.  I understand she's waiting for a backorder of batting to arrive.
Please keep sharing your photos on the Flickr group!  Know that you can join in at any time and that we'd love to have you share in the adventures of sewing with solids along with us.
Sew into Solids

Today is also of Day 6 in the

You don't want to miss the beauty and inspiration being shared today by these talented ladies...

Looks like a fabulous start to a new week.  Happy Monday to you!


  1. The cushions look great, and the quilting really makes them look even better!

  2. Katherine, your pillows look fantastic! For me, so far, your pillows are the best use of solids I've seen. The quilting really gives them individual personalities too. Good work!

  3. Beautiful! You're right, the quilting does make all the different to the overall design. I love the layouts too.

  4. This is really dynamic. Love the colors and the quilting is terrific. I am still getting my fabric together but soon I will dip my feet into the "quilting pool". Hurrah.
    Also I got a great recycle book from the library called Amish Quilts. All this for 50 cents.

  5. S is probably the BEST letter to stitch onto pillows --- Smiling Sandra says saucily (and alliteratively), lol! ;) Your pillows are gorgeous, and I'm glad the rest of your fabric FINALLY arrived!

  6. Hi Katherine! Oh how beautiful pillows they became! I just love those pink colours, the simple pattern and made the quiltings perfect! They are so different debending the quilting!
    Wishes from Finland! x Teje

  7. Ooooo.. this is so pretty. Love the colours and the design.


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