Sew into Solids - Week 5

Hey!  It's Week 5 of Sew into Solids!  This is your chance to share any projects in solids that you may be working on. Let's see what you're making! (Remember to share your photos on Flickr.... and have a look at what others in the group are working on.  There are some amazing project photos that have been added.  They are sure to inspire!)    Don't forget to hop over to visit Jane,  to see how her quilt is progressing.

Sew into Solids

I feel that I need to do a little catch up with you...

Hope you had a lovely Easter weekend!  The past week went by in a blur for me... which you may have guessed, since I've been away from blog land for the entire time.  I've started working with my husband, as his helper, installing cabinets and counter tops... and this week we worked in 3 different homes.  It made for a very busy week!  Sadly, the long work days combined with it being quite physical in nature, left me too tired to even sit in front of a sewing machine this past week.   A couple of nights, as soon as I got home, I simply showered and crawled into bed without eating supper.  Yeah, I was that tired....

  Not that I could start sewing my quilt for Sew into Solids if I hadn't been so exhausted this past week.   Unbelievably, my fabric has not yet made it to my doorstep.  I think it must be taking a world tour ( I ordered it March 11th and it's been in transit for 3 weeks as of tomorrow)!   Anyways, since I've been wanting to make some smaller projects in solids, I rounded up some solids locally over the weekend to add with a few that I received last week from Connecting Threads and spent Sunday cutting and piecing.  Happily, I now have something to show sewing wise!  

A sale at a local shop helped me gather some solids in warm colours to get me started on a mini project or two.

Sticking with a pink palette, I'm basing my design on a quilt pattern in Modern Quilt Workshop for this mini solids project.

I'm loving these warm colours!  Now if I can only decide if these blocks will become cushion covers or a table runner.... hmmmm.


  1. Love the colours! Think a small lap quilt would be nice like this!

  2. You're a woman of many talents! I hope hubby appreciates the help - I think there's a mathematical equation that allows you to buy a fat quarter of fabric per cabinet and per linear metre of installed countertop - isn't that the rule? ;)

    Canada Post probably got their hands on your package and is tossing it around from province to province - last month it took them 12 days to deliver an envelope (properly addressed and postaged) from Toronto to Ottawa. Impressive ... NOT!

    Your pink palette looks like sherbet to me - it'll be equally lovely as a tablerunner or a pillow cover - very summery!

  3. love these colors! more my groove than cool colors! a table runner would be nice.

  4. I love those colours and that pattern you chose, Katherine!


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